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It seems that I have lost my cd-rom drive. In My Computer folder does not show the drive therefor I cannot play a cd nor a dvd because windows will not start it running. Is there a way that I can reload or start this in My Computer. I tried many other ways including PC Restore,how did I all of a sudden lose this cd-rom entery.

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Sounds like the drive went to the

by cmiller5400 In reply to cd-rom

Sounds like the drive went to the big bit bucket in the sky. If you can't see it in device manager, try rebooting your pc into the BIOS screen. Look in the information section and it should tell you what hardware is installed there. If it does not show up there and all the cables are seated correctly, then it the drive is probably toast. Time for an updated model anyway right? :)

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sounds like?

by Marbeau41 In reply to Sounds like the drive wen ...

sounds like you may be right. Big bucket in the sky, I like the saying, but not the thought.HE HE Thanks i will give it the test.

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RE: Is there a way that I can reload or start this in My Computer.

by OH Smeg In reply to cd-rom

NO not in My computer at least.

What you need to do is grab your Recovery Disc stuck it into the Optical Drive and restart the computer. If you see a Press any Key to Boot from CD press any key and see if the Disc in the optical Drive is actually read.

If it is the Drive is OK. If it isn't open the case and make sure that the drive is correctly mounted and all cables that should be attached are correctly attached and try again. But you need to do this with a Bootable Disc not a Music, Program or Movie Disc.

If the Disc still will not Boot replace the Optical Drive Desktop Drives are very cheap and they are not worth messing around with. I can pickup replacement DVD Burners for under $40.00 so it's a No Brainier how to proceed there. NB DVD Burners are more expensive but they are easier to replace you only need to undo oner screw and slide out the Old Drive remove the Mounting plates and fit to the new drive and slide it back in then fit the 1 retaining screw. Should be complete in about 5 minutes thoiugh you may be required to change the Front Plasticcover here as weell. You should be able to pickup a NB DVD Burner for under $70.00 or at least there abouts.

If the drive no longer works the most likely reason is that the owner constantly leaves a Disc in it and the LED that generates the Laser Beams has died. These have a limited Life so the longer you leave a Disc in the drive not being used with the computer running the sooner the Optical Drive stops working. It's really that simple. say that you get 5,000 Hours out of the LED in the Drive. 5,000 Hours of occasionally playing Music or Movie Disc's is a very long time and far in excess of the life of the computer. However if you constantly leave disc's in the drive that 5,000 hours passes very quickly in 208.3 days. That's under a year. :)

Now if the drive will actually run the Boot Sequence restart the computer Do Not complete the Recovery process this will destroy your Data and everything else that has been added to the computer since you purchased it. Remove the Optical Disc from the drive and restart the computer. Look at the system and learn who makes either the computer or the M'Board and what Model it is. Log onto the Makers Web Site find that Model and download the Drivers for the Chip Set for the Version of Windows you are running and install this driver. That may work. If not open the Disc Manager and look for any Yellow Circles with a Black Mark through them and update that Drier to the newest available from either the System Makers Web Site if it is a off the Shelf System or the Hardware Makers Web Site if it is a Custom Build especially for your needs.

If you don't have a Recovery Disc you can download something like the Ultimate Boot CD from here

Though at the moment you'll probably need a friend to burn it to a Blank. :)


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