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CD-RW CD-ROM Drives not recognized!

By JohnBarbChuck ·
I just replaced the 40-pin connector cable for my CD-ROM and CD-RW drives. Now the DEVICE MANAGER recognizes the CD-ROM drive incorrectly ... and does not recognize the CD-RW drive at all.

BEFORE replacing ribbon cable... Device Manager reported the following under CDROM:
MATSHITA DVD-ROM SR-8586 (6/8/2000)
SONY CD-RW CRX230E (6/8/2000)

AFTER installing the new cable ...

I have no idea what happened. Any help will be much appreciated!

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by ctrservices In reply to CD-RW CD-ROM Drives not ...

Check the new cable connections. Make sure pin one on the motherboard connection is connected to pin one of the cable. Then check to make sure that the pin one cable is connected to pin one of the CD-ROM drives (some cables don't have the raised pin to keep one from inserting the cable backwards). Also, make sure that none of the pins are bent (both CD's and MB) and that all three connections are inserted all the way onto the pins.

Also, some cables need to be connected so that the last connector goes to the Master drive and the middle connector goes to the slave drive (check the CD's if you are not sure which is which--you might have to pull one out to check its diagram).

If this doesn't work, use the old cable (if it still works) and exchange the bad cable for a new one.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to CD-RW CD-ROM Drives not ...

You must verify the CDROM and the DVDROM jumper settings. I suppose the two devices are set CABLE SELECT, and this is your problem. Set from jumper?s one master and other slave. Also connect the master to the first cable connector, and the slave to the middle connector.

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by wlbowers In reply to CD-RW CD-ROM Drives not ...

My question is why did you replace the cable in the first place.

If you can put the old cable back in do that.

If the drives show up correct then your new cable is probably defective.

If it doesn't then do the following. Try a third cable.

Connect one drive at a time.

It doesn't matter which.

Verify the jumpers. Just to make sure one didn't get dislodged.

In the device manager remove what ever is there and reboot to let the computer reinstall.


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sounds like the connector(s) could be upside down

by jbodden6977 In reply to CD-RW CD-ROM Drives not ...

I know from experience that the ide and other '40 pin (and some 50 pin scsi) connectors are USUALLY keyed so you cannot plug them to the controller or the device 'backwards'. However once in a while you find a connector that is 'ambidexterous' - and electronic dyslexia is not our friend.
Check carefully for the #1 pins on the a) device b)connector to the device c)connector to the controller (may be on motherboard) d) the controller pins on the motherboard/controller.
Try it again.

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