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    CD/RW drive


    by billw928 ·

    computer does not recognize my cd/rw drive. I had a crash and reloaded windows ME–everything seems to work with the exception of the CD/RW drive. How do i get it to work? this is on a Compaq computer purchased at Radio Shack–so i did not get the cd’s that come with a (non-oem) computer.

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      by dmiles ·

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      Look for the manufacturer of the CD/RW,go to web site and download the driver software for that model,use the New Hardware wizard to manually install on system,choose to select manufacturer from list,then proceed to install hardware
      try the Wizard first to see if there are compatible driver software on the Windows ME cd

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      by thechas ·

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      The driver provided by most CD drive manufactures is the DOS mode driver.
      DO NOT install the DOS mode driver unless you need DOS mode access to the drive.

      What you need is the IDE driver for the chip-set on the motherboard.
      Either download the file from the Compaq support link at
      Or identify the chip-set and download the driver from the chip-set manufacture.

      In order to use the drive for recording CDs, you need a CD-burning software package.
      Most of the peers here recommend nero burning rom from Ahead software.


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      by enbee_here ·

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      Here are a couple of things you can try:


      Make sure your CD drive is recognized by your BIOS. To get into your BIOS or setup program, when starting up, check the screen to see what key will get you into it. Usually the F10 key with Compaqs (if not, then try DEL or F1).

      When in the setup program, see if the BIOS recognizes your CD drive… if not, then select it, save, and restart.



      1. Use a windows startup disk to start up with the computer
      2. When it asks, choose to start windows with cd rom support
      3. When system shows A:\ fdisk/mbr

      4. Remove the startup disk and shut down the computer (Perform cold boot), then start up again.

      One more thing you can do, is go to the HP/Compaq site … then to their support pages. You might be able to find your problem there.

      Good luck,

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