cd-rw/dvd-rom has diSappEAred...but this is not the standard question..

By bannanabarbara ·

i have an interesting problem if anyONe is able to help be most pleased..

and i hope answers are beyond just replacing my component..coz thats not wot im lookin for

problem: cdrom has disappeared from both "my computer" and device manager, presumably unrelated to any hardware/software installations as ive not installed/uninstalled any burning software or external usb devices which may have caused a conflict (the ones i have used (ie usb hardrive) have all been in use previous to problem and the standard use was not clearly linked to the cdrom disappearage

pc profile: toshiba satellite a85-s1072 notebook; standard factory atapi cdrw/dvdrom, of very difficult to find manufacturer; windows xp home (blah); etc et

cdrwdvdrom status: device will open with the exterior button, upon placing a cd, led on exterior lights, u can hear the spinnage and reading, so obviously there is no power/reading problems

what has been attempted and results:
standard reboot: obv nothing

system restore (interesting what occured here: first attempted to restore to several months ago: january, when i assume the drive was
working..(its not been working for some months)..but restore wouldn't allow this with no stated reason, just "system restore could not be completed, to start over, pick another restore point...i tried each month subsequently and the only restore it would let me do was to a few weeks ago, which obviously doesn't help me...): no change

next! i tried tearing apart my laptop..which took me check my power/ide cables, connections etc.. pulled out all connections and reset just in case..cleaned out interior..pulled out cdrwdvdrom and placed back in etc: no change

installed norton/other standard windows fixing software to correct errors/problems: no change

installed registry cleaner/optimizer (registry mechanic) just in case something stupid happened here: no change

manually deleted upper and lower filter registry files (followed:; no change

inspected device manager closely to ensure id not missed anything: cdrom/dvdrw still missing from main setupheadings, viewed hidden devices
which had one question mark on a device called "serial" under the heading "non plug and play devices"; i highly doubted that this was my cdrom drive (even though it is non plug and play and is a serial device) because standardly cdroms have their own section, any insight on what this device might have been would be very useful...the error code on it was 24..a windows search produced the following information: "error code 24: This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24) Recommended resolution: The device does not appear to be present. The problem could be bad hardware, or a new driver might be needed. Devices stay in this state if they have been prepared for removal. After you remove the device, this error disappears. On the General Properties tab of the device, click Troubleshoot to start the Troubleshooting Wizard." obviously when clicking troubleshoot its going to say uninstall and reinstall the device however, since i don't know what the device is and a cdrom is not p&p, and drivers are unattainable (i.e. atapi cdrom drivers= standard in windows and not nec apparently this is virtually impossible; also apparently this error code is common with thumb/usb drives and id had a serious error with one not too long ago, which the question mark could easily have been associated with. in other words: no change

attempted unsucessfully to find drivers at another location

moved on to a different method: uninstalled both the 2ndary IDE/and standard dual channel pci ide controller (even tho this one is obviously connected to the pci slot, but thats what id read to uninstall, so i did..)to force the bios to reinstall drivers for channel and recognize cdrom, it did rerecognize the channels, but cdrom did not appear in dm or my computer: no change

checked bios to see if it was recognizing drive: bios display of memory check/hd list had never standardly been on, so i turned it on, but it only shows memory check and then H 0 235340957235(serial # of hd), whether it used to show the listed primary and secondary ide channel assignment like on a normal pc, i'm not sure, but im inclined to think not
why i think it IS recognized by bios: there is still the option to change the boot sequence, in which the cdrom shows up on the list, and when i changed to read from the cdrom first, it attempted to do so (WHY do u ask then have i not simply reinstalled windows?? because i dont have my windows disk as i lent it to someone in the states and ive just moved to the uk..and if i reinstall the os i want to put xp pro back on and as we all know, it takes a few days to fenagle ur way to getting such a cd or making one off someone elses comp..and seeing that i have 23440598 projects due at uni i dont have time to find a cd and then backup and resinstall my os..that will be my last resort..there MUST be a solution...i could buy an external usb cdrom or floppy drive..but that = $$$$...) but seeing that there was nothing to boot from, it continued on its merry way to startup...any insight on whether im wrong on the bios recognition would be fabulous..

lastly i installed a diagnostic tool called checkit (from the norton suite), which said that the cdrom was N/A: no change

i've run out of ideas (apart from the IDE cable being corrupt and im assuming wrong on the bios) and googling forums has not been helpful...if anyone has anymore useful englighten my poor fried brain..


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On that model NB the Optical Drive should

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to cd-rw/dvd-rom has diSappE ...

Plug into a socket on the M'Board as you have a slim line Optical Drive and there shouldn't be any IDE Leads.

Personally I don't think that there is anything at all wrong with the BIOS Recognition as it just lists devices that are supposedly present and may not actually be present when everything is said and done.

You need to test the Optical Drive with something that you can Boot From so I would suggest the Ultimate Boot CD where you can run some Diagnostics and it's available for download here

They may even be able to sell you a copy if necessary.

Now once you have the Boot CD insert it into the Optical Drive and see if it boots from that it. If it does then run M'Board Diagnostics on the Ultimate Boot CD. If it fails to boot from the CD I would tend to think that the M'Board in the NB has gone faulty and needs replacing though it could be a faulty Optical Drive though this isn't very likely.


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woohoo thanks

by bannanabarbara In reply to On that model NB the Opti ...

sweet...sorry for delay..wasn't due to ungratefulness...was in paris...ill try that..and i just assumed that it was a little mini ide just like a pc...looks like an ide cable...i blatantly not a pro..ill edumucate myself some more...

will update with wot works!

thanks mucho! !

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sorry, your post is awesome and i think you have bad drive

by sgt_shultz In reply to On that model NB the Opti ...

...or cable...or motherboard. so what does Occams razor say? imho, it says the drive went bad. but that is truly 2 cents worth. Some kind of electronics somewhere went bad and you may only be able to tshoot with swapping in new parts. i am sorry. external cd makes good sense to me if you need something right now to get the job done.
later maybe you can take the notebook to a computer show and a copy of your awesome post and i bet folks will help you out trying some parts so you can see what exactly is bad. good luck. rock on bingham farms. i miss rochester

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ahahaha thanks!

by bannanabarbara In reply to sorry, your post is aweso ...

it took me a long time to write that post and i appreciate u sayin it rocked..i thought u were bein sarcastic at first lol..
i just hate readin thread after thread of people being like well..whats kind of pc do u have..or did u try rebooting..did u try this n this n the person bein like 'yeah i did' well duh just say it in the first i dont have to click 234098 threads..

computer show is a fab idea..unfort..i only know of ones at home near bingham farms..holla rachacha! nice to see another metroDer...annnd another one thats left currently in englanddd..hence the difficulty of getting to a trade show atm...i thought usbing drive would be good..but they dont have things in this country like best buy rental policy..where u pay for it for 30 days and then return it when uve fixed ur hardware problem..and it costs u double to buy anyfreakinthing..

imma be sad to leave coz theres loads of nice things here (in june..) but oh the joys of bb..then on with fixing my laptop!

to compound the problem that i didnt mention..its freezing intermittently as well..randomly..and i dont even WANT to get into what ive tried to do about that..i wish i still had a warranty..not that it would do any good in this country prolly...


thanks tho
u made my night after nearly crying over laplace transforms...



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well i figured out why there was random freezing...cmos baterrrryy

by bannanabarbara In reply to ahahaha thanks!

yeah so after getting fed up with random freezing..(not of the overheating/determinable kind) i ripped apart my laptop again and discovered that half of my cmos battery had snapped off of the motherboard...GREAT..since its rechargable that probably means that it is now ruiiined..and since it was saudered onto the board..replacing it is going to be a pain..does anyone know where i can get a 3v recharchable manganese oxide lithium cmos battery? (MnO2-Li) orr any other brilliant ideas? aside from replacing the mb? i am so fed up that i just had this mb replaced six months ago..i am trying currently to just have the two cathode connections merely touching but it is a very small and floppy battery..and so may resort to electrical tape (on the top to hold it down)..
and does anyone know the liklihood of being able to resauder another one on? or should i just start ebaying mbs...*grrr*..

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