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cd-rw is blank, windows says full

By bobdolejunkie ·
I have a cliet whom i installed a new cd-rw drive on her computer last week, the first time she tried to use it to write to a cd-rw, it said it was full, but the disk is completely empty, she's running windows 98, and she was able to do this fine with her last cd-rw drive, what the heck??

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by willcomp In reply to cd-rw is blank, windows s ...

Was disk used with packet writing software (e.g. Direct CD or IN CD) on old drive? Assuming new software was installed with new drive, CD-RW may need to be re-formatted or erased if such was the case.

If it is new CD-RW, then problem is likely with either drive or burning software.

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by RCOM In reply to cd-rw is blank, windows s ...

It would help to know what burning software she is using. If you installed a new drive and the software that came with, you should first uninstall the previous software. This can be a problem and especially with Nero'INCD.

If Nero was the first burning software there's a cleaner tool available that will remove ll the files nd registry entries. This way you can start with a clean install.

Or it could be a media compatibility issue.

Currently you can find four kinds of CD-RWs on the market

A. Multi Speed Media -> 1-4X
B. High Speed Media -> 4-12X
C. Ultra Speed Media -> 16-24X
D. Ultra Speed+ Media -> 24-32X

Recorder compatibility is indicated by a logo on the front panel of the device, ?Compact Disc Recordable/Rewritable? and ?HighSpeed?, ?UltraSpeed?, ?UltraSpeed+?, or simply nothing in the case of MultiSpeed media.

A recorder can only rewrite media matching with this logo, or a media of slower speed.

You might have a look at the recommended media list on the homepage of the recorder manufacturer, but in any case you should make sure that you are using CD-RW with the right speed for your recorder.

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by bobdolejunkie In reply to cd-rw is blank, windows s ...

With her old cd-rw she just did drag and drop in windows 98, which doesn't make sense to me because she had no burning software on it at all, and she was able to do that, i don't think win 98 is capable of doing that. I just had her install nero yesterday, and she goes into the disk properties in nero and it always says it's full, when it's not full. It's a brand new burner, do you think i should have her buy new disks even though they worked with an older burner?

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by ozi Eagle In reply to cd-rw is blank, windows s ...

I have found that some ultra speed burners won't reliably burn to cd r and cdrw rated below 16X speed.

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by RCOM In reply to cd-rw is blank, windows s ...

She had some type of software driver installed that allows for the device to act like a floppy. This is causing the problem.
If you look in the taskbar by the time there is usually a icon for the software. Or use ctrl-alt-del to see what's running.
If you can find out what the previous software was you need to uninstall that before using Nero. Nero comes with Direct CD which loads a driver and allows you to drag and drop files as you mentioned.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to cd-rw is blank, windows s ...

Answer 4 is sort of right, however, Direct CD comes with Easy CD creator, from Roxio, whilst Nero's drag and drop version is called InCD.
InCD will only work with CD RWs but Direct CD will work with CD rs and CD RWs.
The CD burning software in Windows XP is licensed from Roxio.

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by kannuvappa_ngr In reply to cd-rw is blank, windows s ...

try with another disk. if still problem occur,
re-install the software(nero). or try that cd-rw with another computer. if it works fine, re-install operating system.

- Kadar -

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