CD-RW not recognizing different formats

By jhazard112 ·
When I use this CD-RW I will put in a audio disc, when it recognizes it it pulls it up and starts playing, but then 10 minutes later I put in a data disc (known good), it wont auto play one and two it still shows as an audio disc. When I try to open it, it opens in windows media player. Anyone have any ideas?


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Drives are touchy..........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to CD-RW not recognizing dif ...

Sometimes, media which will play on one computer's drive will not play on another computer's drive. Likewise, media that will write on one computer's drive will not write on another computer's drive.

So, how do you know the data disc is good? Media does go bad just sitting on the shelf you know. Will it open correctly on another computer? What type of media is it? Is it a CD-RW disk or is it a CDR or is it a DVD or what?

Where does it show as an audio disk? Where are you looking?

You said it won't auto-play and that could be because the media isn't recognized, so how are you going about trying to open it?

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Could also be a corrupt User Profile here in Windows

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CD-RW not recognizing dif ...

Have you tried opening in another User Profile and seeing if the problem persists?


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Try accessing the optical drive while it is EMPTY ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to CD-RW not recognizing dif ...

THEN insert the data disc.

Sometimes the drive 'forgets' that you've removed the first disc and inserted the second one.

If this symptom occurs after the system has been powered-on for quite a while, you may be having a problem with one of the system heaps. It's always a good idea to power-down every so often. My own system tends to complain after a few days by informing me it is running out of virtual memory.

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Answer everyone at once

by jhazard112 In reply to Try accessing the optical ...

So I am going to answer everyone on here. Have tried another user profile and same issue persists. I uninstall and do a scan for hardware changes. This way it sees it as a fresh install. That being said on two seperate occassions two seperate discs same drive. Would open the drive in My Computer would either stick as data cd or audio cd depending on which I used. I am viewing that it is a audio/data cd in My Computer as well. This is a CDR. On our network machines are automatically rebooted at 0001 everyday doesnt matter if you are using it or not. With that being said I do not believe it is an issue of needing a reboot.

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If you are inserting CD-RW media into a CDR...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Answer everyone at once

If the disk wasn't finalized properly, you'll have to install the software which wrote to the CD-RW media to begin with in order to detect anything on the disk. And, since this isn't a writable drive, it won't work anyway.

For example, if the CD-RW was written with InCD from Nero and you did not finalize the disk properly, only a computer with InCD installed (or maybe other UDF software) on it will recognize the data and be able to read it.

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Have you tried

by Jacky Howe In reply to CD-RW not recognizing dif ...

a firmware update from the CD-RW makers site.

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It's not even a CD-RW drive...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Have you tried

Just above your post, he now says it's a CDR drive... but in the original post he says he's inserting CD-RW media.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to It's not even a CD-RW dri ...

moved the goal post. I wonder if another drive has been tried.

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