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CD Write

By sid_kraft ·
I am using Win XP Pro with SP2 and have downloaded a gospel audio sermon. I used iTunes to download and it is a MP3 file. I have tried to use the Nero software to burn the file onto a CD so I can listen to it in my car player. I tried to burn an audio CD, an MP3 CD and neither will play in my car, get error when I try to play. Any ideas on how to correct? Input will be appreciated. Sid Kraft

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Create Audio CD

by cmiller5400 In reply to CD Write

Create an Audio CD in Nero and then add the mp3 file. Nero has to convert the mp3 to a wav format for it to play on your car stereo. It is also possible that you do not have the proper digital license to change the format or burn it to cd.

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Since you have XP

by Tink! In reply to CD Write

and your Nero software isn't doing the job, use Windows Media Player's Burn option.

Just add the MP3 to the Burn list and click Burn CD.

WMA automatically converts the MP3 to a CD playable format before burning it to the CD. It will also finalize the CD properly (which could be your problem with the Nero...check your "finalize CD" options)

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by fungus-among-us In reply to Since you have XP

I'm new to the whole "pay per song" deal with these internet based companies. I usually, will rip a CD to my PC and then pick and choose what I want to be burned onto a CD to be used on a stand-alone or car player. A friend of mine recently asked me to copy the contents of her DELL MP3 player, and burn it to a CD. The copy process went fine (copied MP3s directly to CD using Nero, but when you try to play the songs directly off the CD (from any PC), you get a protected license message of some sort. I also converted the mp3 into CDA (?) format (for playing on CD players) without issue, but the songs would not play.

My question is... if the MP3s or M4As (or whatever file format it is in), are "protected", will they play in any device of your choosing, even though they are targeted to a specific device (license?)

My point is... copying protected content to a CD

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Not sure

by Tink! In reply to confused

about the whole license and protection issue, but if you can't get around it try this:

Play the MP3 file on your PC and record it with separate software. I don't know if you'll lose sound quality, but it might work.

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