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cd-writer plus blues!

By liljoe690 ·
I have a pavilion 7940 with a cd-writer plus r/rw8x4x32 cd-rom. The cd-rom stop reading, so I went to to update the firmware. I downloaded what HP said was an updated firmware for my system, BUT now the cd-rom opens and closes continuiosly from the time you push the power button until you power down.

I have done a clean install using the recovery cds and upgraded to XP Pro, Yet the cd-rom tray is still is going in and out.

ANY ideas??? Help!!!

Hope you all can help!!!
Thank you

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to cd-writer plus blues!

Forget HP and go out and buy a DVD RW these are cheap now and offer far more storage capacity for your $ as well as retaining the ability to write CDR.


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by idowindows In reply to cd-writer plus blues!

So now you have TWO problems, a drive that won't write and keeps opening then closing.

I, if you, would follow HAL 9000 on his suggestion.

I'm sure you'd agree.....

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by fungus-among-us In reply to cd-writer plus blues!

You should videotape the computer doing this... submit the tape to "America's Funniest Home Videos", and try to win $10K, then buy a new computer system. Or you could tell HP what you are planning to do, and maybe they'll give you a new PC or at the very least, a new CD/DVD-RW to keep you from mailing in that videotape.

Question: How did you perform a clean install using the recovery CDs if the CD tray keeps opening and closing? Sounds like a Laurel and Hardy skit... if they had computers back then.

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by liljoe690 In reply to cd-writer plus blues!

Thank you all for your advice! ordered a new cd-burner today

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