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I have a computer and the on board sound died. So I put a sound card in it. All works ok but now Media Player won't play cds. So I installed Real player. Same thing. They will play everything else just not .cda files. Thinking this must mean it is a hardware/device issue. I changed the card, but no good. I researched the errors but they did not help. I have done all the basics you can think of so I am wondering if anyone out there has a usefull answer who has solved this problem?

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there is a skinny little cable...

by formerly CallPete.com In reply to .cda files

...that goes from the back of the CD drive to the sound card.
If you don't have one of those, you can still play CDs with this workaround:


But the easier thing might be to get the little cable.


Also, don't play the CDA files. Play the "audio CD". This is the same as the "play" button on the front of the drive, if the drive has one. (next to the eject button)

I hope this helps.

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skinny cable

by p.ferme In reply to there is a skinny little ...

Thanks for the info. I did attach that cable but to no avail. I also tried just playing the cd, not the .cda extension but that also did not work. I am getting the feeling it has something to do with the Creative sound card S/W. Uninstalling various media playing programs, we can now play cds through the Creative software. Vague but all the info I have right now.

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