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    cdrom/cdrw issues with winxp


    by fadestyle ·

    since the winxp release i have built, upgraded and installed winxp fresh on many computers. on a few computers (more than enough to cause concern or write off as just user error.) winxp either does not recognize the cdrom/cdrw or refresh the mountedcd’s exe icon without restarting. no single solution fixes all computers with the same issue. some fixed by reg hack by removing lower/upperfilters. some by reloading drivers or different drivers and some are just cursed with the non-refreshing cd exe icon forever with no answer from Microsoft.

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      cdrom/cdrw issues with winxp

      by fadestyle ·

      In reply to cdrom/cdrw issues with winxp

      my cursed issue on one of my pc’s I tried reinstalling w/& wo/sp1, new drivers, reg hack removed filters ….aaaahhhh no luck. all hardware is on HCL. win2000 on same box works fine ….i just chalk it up to winxp cdrom curse… anyone any answers?

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      by areets ·

      In reply to cdrom/cdrw issues with winxp

      Change the flat cable between MB and HD!


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      I’ve had a similar sought of problem

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to cdrom/cdrw issues with winxp

      On a computer built for XP and it worked fine until you attempted to load SP1 where the partition info was wiped {yes it was a legal copy}. I ran every test that I could think of and eventually had to reduce the machine to a minimumal setup and reinstall and then add bits until it failed a very time consuming process but it did turn up a Samsung DVD drive that wasn’t compatable with SP1 but it did pass the XP test that was supplied from Microsoft.

      I be looking at a compatibily issue betweenthese drives and XP in a case like you have described.

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      ASPI Layer???

      by mrafrohead ·

      In reply to cdrom/cdrw issues with winxp

      I can’t quite tell if you fall into this category or not by your post, so I’m just stating this for the heck of it…

      But if you can’t see your drive in Explorer, this won’t apply.

      If you’re having problems withere you can’t see your drive in certain applications, then you may need to install an ASPI layer.

      Go to Adaptec’s site and download theirs from them. That should take care of your problem as long as we’re talking about the same things here:)


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      I don’t know if this will help but

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to cdrom/cdrw issues with winxp

      Today or should I say a few hours ago I recieved the latest MS Buliten and it had a link for XP compatability tools v3 at

      So there might be something here that will be of help to you. I don’t know whats there as it hasn’t finished downloading yet but you might get some help from this link.

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