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    cdrom trouble- redirect


    by deansr ·


    Can I boot with 98se cd? I am inclind to reboot because it was working then not, I must say that it makes sounds like it wants to run but then stops. Would you still suggest the boot?

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      by paul ·

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      Yes you can boot from a windows 98 cd providing your boot sequence has the cd-rom drive in sequence before the hard disk drive….

      Check your boot sequence in the Bios settings…

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      by gl ·

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      Also watch the screen during booting. In most cases you will see a messag that says something like “Press any key to boot from CD” and you have only a few seconds to press a key or the computer will go to the next boot device (probably the hard drive).

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      by memyslfni1969 ·

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      Actually not all versions of Win98se are bootable cds some OEM cd’s included say as bundled software cds included with preloaded systems like Dell or HP, and then of course there is Compaq which includes WIN98 on it called a Recovery cd, if you should have one types of disks there is a great bootdisk site called which
      should have a setup file for a boot disk for booting win98 from cd.

      Also in addition to checking the boot device order in your BIOS you may want to check your system’s POST settings, because it may may be scanning the IDE’s for bootable disk drives to quickly for your cd to respond some BIOS have a “Hard Disk Pre Delay” setting, check and set it for 3 to 5 seconds which will give your cd rom enough time to spin up for boot

      Good Luck

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