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CDRW Drive Not reading disc

By pyromethious ·
I was backing up vital files to three cdrw discs using my Yamaha CRW2100E. I verified the written data using same drive AND my Pioneer DVD drive. I proceeded to reconfigure my HD for multiple OS' and attempted to transfer the data off the discs. The first disc is problem free. The second would barely read enough to copy data. The last disc, the one containing the most valuable data, asks if I wish to install the UDF reader when in either drive. I can physically see that the data has been written on each disc, but cannot get third disc to read properly. Drivers and software are all identical throughout the process.

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CDRW Drive Not reading disc

by TheChas In reply to CDRW Drive Not reading di ...

First of all, CD-RW disks are not considered to be a reliable back-up media.
Every article that I have read on data backup with CDs recommends making at least 2 copies of any critical data.
I have had RW disks loose there format out of the blue.
Now, to get off the soapbox.

First, try to read the disk in another system, or from a regular multi-read CD drive.
If you are lucky, you will be able to retrieve the data.

You can also try cleaning the disk and the drive.

Who's CD-RW reading software do you have installed? There are some compatability problems with various reader versions, and different OS's. If you are using a native Windows UDF reader, un-install it, and use the UDF reader from your CD recording suite.

If the above does not work, I would try a file recovery utility. I know I have seen tips and tricks for recovering files from CD-RW disks, I just don't remember where. Check the faq sections at roxio and nero's web sites.

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