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CDRW/DVD Burner makies Noises...Why?

By rivrbyte ·
(Cendyne HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC 4320B Combo Drive)

I purchased this Combo drive December 2002...Would it be ready to crash after a just little over than 2.3 years old?

Before I Burn, I use the TEST/NO RECORD Option and that is tests successful.Then when I burn an Audio CD in the Roxio Platinum Program,it finalizes it and tells me it's ready to play in an audio device. When I insert the new disc into a Cd player,/DVD player/ or console CD Player...it jumps around and makes noises,but no music! I already wasted five CD Blanks. I also notice this CD/RW drive making noises when I insert any CD.

I have removed CDRW from Device Manager,shut down Computer and power from Wall,disconnected CDRW's IDE and audio cable from the Motherboard,re-inserted,powered on,ran the repair tool for the CDCreator to replace any corrupted files,then tried to burn another CD...it didn't take.

With all the clicking going on in this CDROM,and the inability to burn CD's..Does this sound like the Combo drive is bad?
If So, this is the last Cendyne product I'll ever buy again! ($140.00) I just went to their site today and they no longer support this device.

Thanks for any and all help! Bozo

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by BFilmFan In reply to CDRW/DVD Burner makies No ...

If you are hearing unusual crunching noises in the CD, it isn't a good sign. Most likely, the platter motor bearings are going out. And depending on your usage of the device, 2 years could well have exceeded the mean-time-between-failures for the device.

And when you can pick up DVD +/- R recorders for under $80 on Ebay, it's just time to acknowledge that you are getting a new DVD recorder.

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by ahar In reply to CDRW/DVD Burner makies No ...

The lifetime for electrionic parts are about 5 years, for mechanical parts it's, depending on the usage, between 1,5 and 4 years. 2.3 years quite a normal livespan and price does not matter

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by Keith Hailey In reply to CDRW/DVD Burner makies No ...

Do you Have Kids? Or Grandkids? It's incredible what they can stick into a slot (even CD slots) when no one is around. If you konw how, Take it out of your system, shake it gently, and check for "Stuff".

If you don't have Kids, Maybe a bit dusty. Visual inspections never hurt, and sometimes save replacing an otherwise good drive.
(Used, sticky popsycle sticks excepted, of course)

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