CDRW/DVDROM not recognized in BIOS

By kav4214 ·

Just a few weeks ago, I installed a new hard disk drive in my laptop and then installed Windows XP Home using a CD, and also used a CD to install my USB wireless. So at that point, the CD/DVD drive must have been working OK.

Last week, I decided to install another program from a CD. I noticed that there was no letter for the CD/DVD drive in My Computer, and no CD/DVD drive showing up in Device Manager. The hardware was not detected by Windows, so updating drivers is irrelevant. So I took a look in the BIOS and it didn't list the CD drive as one of the boot options. By that I mean, that it was not even on the list of options to choose from.

Between the initial re-installation and last week I did replace the keyboard (and undo the replacement with the original keyboard) and in the process I put screws in three screwholes that were missing screws. I took out one of the screws because it apparently caused some kind of short that kept my laptop from booting up. Anyway, when I took the screw out, it seemed to work normally. I have removed the other two screws in case they were causing problems, and I have checked as best as I can to see that the drive is securely plugged in.

I also tried plugging in a different CD/DVD drive, however, this drive has not been tested so I don't know whether it is good or not. The first drive would light up when booting, even though I could not boot off of it. The second drive doesn't even light up.

How do I tell whether the problem is with my motherboard, the CD/DVD drive, or the connection between the two? Is it possible for settings in Windows to change settings in BIOS? I did use a 4GB USB druve to transfer some data, but I don't see how that would have affected the CD/DVD drive.

What are my options at this point, and what would you suggest I try next?

Thanks, Karen

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by dldorrance In reply to CDRW/DVDROM not recognize ...

This could be a bad ribbon cable or a bad parallel port. Can you try a different ribbon cable attached to a known good HDD in that port? If it also does not work you may need a new motherboard.

Alternatively, if your main HDD is PATA, try booting it off the CDROM drive port.

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