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CDRW problems

By Daniel_D ·
I've been having alot of trouble burning cds recently. No programs seem to be able to burn any kind of cd type. I've wasted 5 cdr's trying various programs (Nero, Burn4Free, AC 120%, iTunes). The only sucess I've had is with Burn4Free, which i managed to get to burn the 3 Mandrake 10 isos I was wanting to get on cd.
I'm using Win XP Pro and my CDRW is a Liteon LTR-52327S.

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What disk space

by zlitocook In reply to CDRW problems

Do you have on the drive that you are using to save to? You need to have at least twice the space on your save to, to burn to a cd/cvd/dvd. If your primary drive is a 40gig with 20gig free you can not burn a 15gig file. You need to clear a space and have no extra programs running. Try a VM program to load and save your copy, then try a clean copy to copy.

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by Daniel_D In reply to What disk space

15gig file? i've been trying to burn 700mb linux isos and an album of music thats only 40mb. I have a 120gig HD (10gigs for XP 40 for programs 40 for files). I'm going to be adding 5 more gigs to the xp partition from the unallocated.

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Just why do you

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Have unallocated space on your HDD?

There is a problem that I've run across previously and it is that different CD/DVD recording software can cause clashes when installed on the same system so nothing works properly but personaly I'de be checking the CDRW first in another computer and only loading 1 burning program just to see if it works. If it does then there is something on your computer which is causing the problem.


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by Daniel_D In reply to CDRW problems

Well i found a cdrw I had and run the burn with it. Got this error: The attempt to burn a disc failed. An unknown error occurred (4000).

The cd is then labeled audio cd, and has the tracks on it, though they are each only 44bytes. iTunes even shows the cd and displays the information for the songs. When the process starts it gets to the point where it begins burning the first cd, sits on the Writing (song name), bar for the progress of writing the song doesn't increase, and then after a few seconds it says canceling burn. It does this for a minute, then ejects the cd.

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Couple of questions

by mrafrohead In reply to

First, are those Mandrake ISO's the only thing that you're trying to burn? Have you verified that they fit the MD5 checksum and also verified their integrity?

How long have you had your CD burner? It is possible that your laser is crapping out on you...

To test that theory, pull the drive and put it into another computer and try to burn then. If it still doesn't work, I'd say it's your laser, if it does work, then it's something in your computer.

Try using FireBurner to burn those ISO's and post EXACTLY what happens. It should give more information if something is going wrong...


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by Daniel_D In reply to Couple of questions

I got the isos burned, it's audio I'm having trouble with now.

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Let me guess

by Don_C In reply to

Your are trying to burn songs from Itunes. well the frist thing you need to check is the write speed of your CD-R in itunes it matters i had to set mine at 4X to get it to run also you need to go into your itunes libary to make sure that itunes haven't double a song itunes wants to keep track of how many songs you downlosd and burn there is a ten song burn limit AND if you make a play list and burn it to a disk DO NOT PULL A SONG FORM IT TO ANOTHER PLAY LIST always pull it form your libary sorry thats the best i can do for you I myself is still fighting the darn program

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by Daniel_D In reply to Let me guess

I had it set to 4x and it doesn't work. No doubles or anything. I took the songs to another computer and installed Itunes then authorized the comptuer and burned the songs to cd with no problem. I think the cdrw drive on this system is just broke.

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Burning cds

by zlitocook In reply to CDRW problems

Run a system cleaner like window washer, then remove all CD writer programs from control panel. Then check your c:\windows\programs for any files left over from programs removed. Delete those folders. Reboot to see if you get any errors if not reinstall the CD burning software and try it. If you get any errors like program could not be found or errors on boot up, you may need to edit the registry.

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You need to use LiteOnIT's software

by mlogsdon In reply to CDRW problems

You should have the software that came with the CD drive. I have found that when we try the other brands, that the CD drive would not work for us either. Try going back to the original software. Get it updated from Lite's site, and try that - Oh yea - one more biggy... USE CD/RW's til you get it going good. Saves CD's...

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