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CDRW question

By nixer ·

I have a simple question here for you. (although I guess not to simple becuase I dont know it)

I have a computer that I use to write and re-write to a CD-RW disk. works just fine.

I lent the disk to a co-worker who has a cd burner..the disk had an access file on it.. she had the same file on her computer wanted to make changes to it then write the file to the disk which would overwrite the file currently on the disk.. I have no problem doing it from my machine...

But on hers it says something like it's a multimode something or other?

If she has a burner and I have a burner should we both be able to wrtie and re-write to a cD-rw?

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CDRW question

by VinnyD In reply to CDRW question

The problem is that different software that controls the writing of the CD-RW does not write on the CD the same way.

If your using Roxio Easy CD creator and she is using NERO this will happen to you.

If you want to share a CD-RW disk with someone else it is best if your both using the same CD-RW software on your computers.

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CDRW question

by nixer In reply to CDRW question

Ok,,, A computer can have a CD-R drive and a CD-RW drive right? the cd-r drives will not work with CD-RW disks? is that right?

But if I use a CD-R drive to write to a CD-r disk can i read it in a CD-RW drive?


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CDRW question

by shasca In reply to CDRW question

The biggest confusion I encounter here is that if you use a format utility to create a drag and drop CD ( CDRW ), the machine you want to be able to read that CD has to have a similar version of that same software. writing to a regular cd has a lot less pitfalls and compatibility issues and CD's are cheap anyway.

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CDRW question

by sshastri13 In reply to CDRW question

This is a very common problem. This is mainly caused by the difference in the CD burner hardware and the software controlling it. The problem could occur if there is a mis-match of the writing speed also.

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