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I want users to enter information in a cell using a drop-down list and nothing else. If I lock the cell and protect the worksheet, it prevents them from using the drop-down list. How do I prevent them from entering any old data and force them to use only the drop-down list?

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by dogknees In reply to Cell entry from list only

After setting up the Data Validation list, you need to "unlock" the cell in question, then Protect the worksheet. The locking and protection work together.
(Assuming Excel 2007/2010)
With your cursor in the cell you are interested in, click the Format button in the Cells section of the Home tab, and choose "Lock Cell" near the bottom of the menu.

This cell is now unlocked. If you look in that menu again, you'll see that the little padlock is no longer highlighted. Now when you protect you worksheet, you will be able to change the value in the cell.

If you have other input cells that the users need to change, unlock them in the same way. Note, you don't have to unlock formulae as the system changes them as opposed to the user.

(In Excel 2003) Go to the Format/Cells menu item, and on the Protection tab, clear the tick in the Locked checkbox and proceed as for Excel 2007/10.

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