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Cell phone and internet reimbursement policy?

By Jessica Lynn ·
Anyone out there have a good, updated cell phone and internet reimbursement company policy? We're starting to look at these items and shy away from reimburse everyone for what ever they want.

I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel. I'll If it's long, feel free to post a note here and email it to me at jess451 at gmail dot com.

I'll post our final approved one for everyone.


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A recent one

by Oz_Media In reply to Cell phone and internet r ...

The last time I was being reimbursed for cell service it was done on an honor system with prrof if needed.

I would highlight all of my business calls on the bill, and just submit a bill to the client. IF they needed proof or wanted to SPOT check people, I had all of my calls sorted on my bill.

WIth a deskset this is much easier with SMDR but with a cell phone it's still manually done.


A few years back I was given a calling card to use on my cell for business calls. Sprint Canada (the card provider) was not charging for using the card and just the call, which was obviously at a competitive rate, but Sprint Canada provides CDAR (Call Detail Accoutn Recording) in invoices. THis allowe dme to itemize calls by client or project and they would be itemized on th ebill for easier cost allocation.

As for internet, I had a VERY expensive connection setup, and left here when we parted ways, but that was just a fixed monthly cost that I have since renegotiated with the ISP to keep me going at no cost. In the case of most residential connections, you get unlimited useage for a fixed LOW price, so the company should offer a good portion as a fixed reimbursement or just pay the bill in full.

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by jbaker In reply to Cell phone and internet r ...

I have never seen an internet reimbursement policy, but the last place I worked for had two options on cell phones. 1) He paid for the entire thing on a company phone. 2) He paid only for the business related calls on your personal cell phone. As I already had a cell phone (use it as a home phone), he simply paid the difference in what I would normally have paid and what my monthly bill cost (I upgraded to a very high minute plan for the business use). I only went over my 2000 minutes once, and that he paid that difference as well.

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