cell phone spyware

By dwyert ·
How do I find out if I have spyware on my cell phone and am I able to detect it and remove it?

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With this minimum of information...

by TobiF In reply to cell phone spyware it impossible to say anything.

Maybe you could try a total reset back to factory settings. (But you may want to save phone book, messages etc before doing that.)

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You don't have spyware on your phone

by robo_dev In reply to cell phone spyware

In general, for each phone platform there is maybe one or two working examples of malware, and even those are only in the form of downloadable applications with hidden functionality, not separate viruses or spyware that exist as separate programs.

What phone do you have, and what OS does it use?

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but parents & corps. can purchase "spyware" . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to You don't have spyware on ...

for mobile devices

in the case of corporate spyware you'd probably be fired if you removed it

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To clarify a bit here

by robo_dev In reply to but parents & corps. can ...

there is cell-phone tracking software, that tells where the user is, there are gateways for web access, such as the Blackberry enterprise server, and there are apps used by law enforcement to do wiretapping.

The OP is asking about spyware, I believe he means some sort of adware installed via the web browser. Most cell phones cannot get infected this way, as the spyware apps are written for a different platform and web browser than their phone.

I have worked with many enterprise wireless devices, and I have never seen any surveillance or spyware apps on phones. In the case of the Blackberry, everything is logged and tracked through the server, but that's not spyware.

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What about a bot that churns out spam

by chohoho In reply to To clarify a bit here

Seems like I got one where my phone would says it;s connecting and spin sign would twirl indefinately then I'd get a million bounce backs on my phone email account but not if I accessed the account on my computer... pretty weird!

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