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    Cell Phone Telemarketing Starts in Sept 06


    by fungus-among-us ·

    Did you know that beginning on Sept 1, 2006, cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies?
    We were told this information by the company that services our phone system. The administrative secretary sent out an e-mail to everyone informing them of this issue.

    Yesterday (not September yet damnit!) I received my first telemarketer call on my cell phone. The same cell number I’ve had since 1998.

    To add your phone to the “National Do NOT Call Registry”, using your cell phone, call: 1-888-382-1222 to add your number.

    I wouldn’t worry about it myself but the schmuck that called me yesterday, called during PRIME TIME (5:00pm) and used my precious minutes.

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      Caller ID

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to Cell Phone Telemarketing Starts in Sept 06

      Telemarketing to cell phones? That is the HEIGHT of LOW.

      If I see an unfamiliar number on my screen, it is a 50-50 chance that I will answer it. I have no problem with this practise, I pay the bill, I get to choose.

      Thanks for the info. I thought that this had been decideded AGAINST.

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        Last I heard it was a hit and miss

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to Caller ID

        only some of the carriers were going to SELL your numbers to hellimarketers.

        I think they are setting themselves up for a lawsuit, to charge YOU for minutes, with a call that is their fault you are recieving it in the first place.

        If they wish to continue this avenue of revenue, they had better get rid of the charge for all incoming calls.

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          well… I hope so.

          by fungus-among-us ·

          In reply to Last I heard it was a hit and miss

          This is from the registration page of


          Better to register than think your carrier will not sell it’s customer’s information.

          I’m a Verizon customer… so I’m going to assume Verizon IS selling client’s numbers. Rotten ass-hat wearin bastids!

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      That just seems wrong.

      by tonythetiger ·

      In reply to Cell Phone Telemarketing Starts in Sept 06

      I don’t want my cell # publicized to anyone, telemarketer or not!

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      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to Cell Phone Telemarketing Starts in Sept 06

      I thought I’d seen this before:

      If you got a telemarketer call on your cell phone, it was a fluke. Assuming the caller ID on your cell works, report the number to the phone company.

      Edit: And yes, you can get yourself on the Do Not Call list, but there is no cut-off date.

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        Telemarketers can be fun

        by stan20 ·

        In reply to Bogus!

        In the past when I would get a call from a telemarketer (I think they put me on their own “do not call” list since I haven’t had a call in years), and I felt like taking a break, I’d answer….

        There are so many things you can do.

        If they say they “will save you money” and its something that you aren’t paying for now, ask when they will be sending you a check. Become irate and demand to talk to a supervisor when they say they aren’t sending you a check. Go as high up as you can, demanding the check for your promised savings….

        Immediately tell them you are really glad they called because you need to sell just one more life insurance policy to make your quota, and start in on the hard sell….

        Ask if the caller is wearing a tinfoil hat. If not, refuse to speak with them because (fill in the blank; aliens, your third grade teacher, the government of Berundi, whatever) will be able to hear you by reading their brain. Tell them to call back when they are properly shielded, and to use a secure line.

        Pretend you speak only Polish, or some other language. You don’t have to actually speak any other languages. Just make up nonsense words, and string them together and make it sound like questions.

        Try, with great sincerity, to convert them to some religion that you just made up.

        Sell them a ’53 Buick.

        Make them give the proper password before you can speak to them.

        Ask what they are wearing. No, under that.

        Interrupt every few seconds with some random, unrelated subject.

        Ask if you can put them on hold for a second. Then put the phone down and see how long they are willing to wait.

        Pretend that you called them and keep asking for (make up a name). Insist that they get that person on the phone right now.

        Its limited only by your imagination. (The ones where I demanded they send me a check never called again. Most of the others didn’t either.)

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          I used to like the credit/mortgage offers

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to Telemarketers can be fun

          I would very nicely listen to their spiel then tell them yes I would like their card or yes I would like to refinance, but it would take a couple of days because I would have to talk to the lawyer.

          “What lawyer?”

          “My bankruptcy lawyer.”


          The calls soon stopped…

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          I like that one!

          by stan20 ·

          In reply to I used to like the credit/mortgage offers

          Have to try it if the occasion ever comes up!

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