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    Cellphone recognized my voice?

    by stinkypinky ·

    I was speaking to a woman [ a stranger] in a bar . her cellphone between us. i had no cellphone. i never introduced myself or traded contact info.with her. She spoke about donating blood for cash……When i got home my laptop, on Youtube sent me an ad to “Donate blood for extra cash” My friend says this is pure coincidence. I say impossible. i am 61 and have never seen an ad for donating blood. The ONLY possible explanation is that her phone identified me by my voice,,while we were chatting. Please any thoughts that are not dismissive. Thank you in advance.

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      Is that an iPhone?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Cellphone recognized my voice? notes that their phones emit a (supposedly encrypted) identifier. And then if you looked at their facebook or such, well, I’m going to stop here.

      Yup, can happen.

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        Cellphone recognized my voice?

        by stinkypinky ·

        In reply to Is that an iPhone?

        I never looked at any , facebook ,,,never knew the girls name and she did not know mine,,,,,we only had a random conversation in a bar,,,,,she spoke about giving blood,,,,,then when i get home get a targeted ad about giving blood

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        Strangers cellphone recognized MY voice?

        by stinkypinky ·

        In reply to Is that an iPhone?

        I had no identifying thing about me except for HER cellphone sitting between us on the bar…This has completely wigged me oiut

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