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By rbassman7274 ·
I have an administrative position, and recenly was provided with a cell phone and pager which i must answer 24/7. The upper administration has not offered any x-tra pay for this intrusion into my personal life. No matter if i'm eating, showering, swimming, opening christmas presents, or in church, I must answer this phone. I get alot of calls. Must they pay me more(even if i am salaried) if i'm to deal with these after work intrusions, what can I do about it, or am I stuck?

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Welcome to the world of middle management!

by pgm554 In reply to cellphones/salaried/noext ...

You have been given a life lesson of the golden rule.Them that has the gold,makes the rules.

I would keep track of my on call hours and if they add up to a point where it isn't in your interest to stay there ,look for something else.

You can bring this up at your next review and if they are open to compensating for it ,strike a deal.

If not,upon leaving the company ,make it a point to share this issue with your boss.

You realize that when they lose people(employee retention)they are graded on this in their salary review.

In some states(California)if your job description is not creative or managerial in function,state law dictates any hours worked past 40 must be paid as overtime.

Check with your state dept of labor.

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No Compensations, Thank yous, etc

by nettech In reply to Welcome to the world of m ...

I know exactly what you are going through. I worked for UPS, suddenly was given another region and was on-call sharing support for the entire country. No extra pay. They primarily work to process mail at night, so my calles came in from 9pm to 6am - all night long. After 11 months, and me asking for additional compensation to no avail, I resigned. It took them 6 weeks to hire another "sucker", they had to hire from another state, move the poor guy across the country. But at least they paid him 20k more - go figure. So quitting did nothing for me, but the next guy may have a little more luck in getting compensated for not having a life.

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by dklandry In reply to Welcome to the world of m ...

Your salary is based on a 40 hour work week. As many of us salaried people know we rarely work that schedule. Employers benefit from every hour beyond that schedule, and some have come to expect it instead of appreciate it.

You need to ask your manager if compensation follows the new duties? Many companies will just take a wait and see approach. If you don't ask then they may not offer.

Next, if compensation isn't available will they consider flex time for you. If your a one man band working 24/7 there are a couple issues both you and the company need to address. How will the company handle you being on vacation or sick leave? Are there others in your department that can be placed on a rotation. Time off and away is critical to preventing job burnout.

You should take the oppurtunity to discuss why this was initiated with your manager. Let the manager or your company know your not a machine, and have them explain (or try to) why its not important for you to have a personal life. It may surprise you once a personal dialog has been established that issues your concerned with may have completely slipped their minds in doing this.

If all else fails and the company expects (or worse) demands this from you then you have to consider if this is a company you want to stay with.

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Great Advice

by cshipman In reply to Compensation

This is the best advice that I believe you can get. Then if your not satisified with the outcome from this, it's time to go job hunt. DKL has hit the nail on the head.

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by sauerb01 In reply to Compensation

To add to the above reply it is a good idea to document the amount of time you are spending providing this additional support. You would be surprised by how management underestimates the amount of time that can be expended on this type of support. Also make sure you document the time that the support call was received. Could help you out in any endeavors to recover compensation. Also there are government regulations that deal with this type of situation.

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Government Regulations

by govie In reply to Document

I'm a long time federal government type and they are the worst offenders of extracurricular activities without compensation. In my organization, you can be fired for turning off your cell phone or not answering because you were in a dead area.

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But what is adequate compensation??

by matthew.kinch In reply to Welcome to the world of m ...

Recently I was in your situation where I was on call 24/7. I was somewhat more fortunate than you in that I recieved a measely $300 a month on call allowance. The fact is when that cell phone rings at 2:00 am and again at 3:00 am and again at 4:00 and you have to go into work for 8:00 am. What is adequate compensation? I did an analysis and it turned out that I spent up to 45 hours a month after hours dealing with issues. The $300 was not nearly enough for the loss of sleep and the intrusion into my personal life and the fact that when I did the maths at my hourly rate I was being short changed.

My advice to you is if your boss is the kind of person you can speak to about it gather the analysis of the intrusion into your time and discuss it with him. If not and it becomes unbaerable then look to move on. Another thing is check your State's labour laws.

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We all need to sleep

by Technohoe In reply to But what is adequate comp ...

Ah Yes, One of the curses of modern man. Beepers Cell phones Treos Wireless PDAs. Unless I am assigned to be on 24hr call or a special project requires it my cellphone/beeper/Treo goes off from 11 PM to 6 AM Daily. Of course there are always exceptions, that's just the way it be.
Good Employees are hard to find, just like good employers are hard to find. Since working in this field I have worked for 5 employers in 8 years.
No job is worth your sanity, peace of mind ,health, or family. Take a few deep breaths, count to ten,Close your eyes and chant " Ohm Mani Padme Ohm " and they will think you're nuts and leave you alone.


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Adequate Compensation-Canada

by ITAgent In reply to But what is adequate comp ...

I am a Technical recruiter based in Toronto, Canada. As a point of reference, my main clients provide 1 hour pay for each 8 hours carrying the pager/cellphone. On a 24/7 support role, this provides for 16 additional hours pay per week (based on a 40 hour schedule). Should these resources be required to physically attend at a client site, they are paid hour-for-hour with a minimum of 3 hours payment. Understanding that this is an excellent form of compensation, you may be able to customize it to address your employer/client's and your own needs.

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This is very common in Middle East..!!

by gops_bah In reply to Welcome to the world of m ...

I am an IT admin working in middleast east, i too a person hu shud attend the calls 24/7.
Since i am an expatriate here even i will be sacked from the country (not only from company) if i fail to asnswer the calles and attend it even in midnight. it doesn't matter u r in church , eating food or hanging wid ur girl friend. But it seems it is very common in dis Arabworld. Because dey doesn't give any humanitical value to ppls personal life..!!
labour laws r not aplicable... cause u will not be in the country to contact d labour

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