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    Celluar phone modems and faxes


    by junkmail ·

    As with many people today, I am wrestling with giving up my terrestial phone and using only cell. Problem is, I need fax capability on an occaision.

    Does anyone know of a modem (or device) I can plug into an HP all-in-one and into a cell phone to send a fax?

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      Not sure there is such a critter….

      by thumbsup2 ·

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      … so, why not go with one of the online faxing services? You give up your land line, but you get a 1-800 number as part of your account with the fax service. People send to that number and they turn around and email you the PDF’s of the faxes. Same for outgoing faxes… you send the PDF to the service and it uses your 1-800 line to physically send the fax to the recipient. Of course, with this method, you need some way to get the scanned document onto your computer so you can email it to the service. But, the All-In-One has that capability, if you have a computer connected, either by wire or wirelessly, to the printer.

      Another option would be to have the printer connected to a computer and have the computer communicate with the cell phone to use as a dialer when needed. The printer can be configured to dial out that way and buying a cable for the phone is possible.

      But I may be wrong about the cable from the printer to the phone too. Check with your phone provider to see if there is some sort of adapter cable that would allow you to connect directly to the printer.

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      Sony-Ericsson z520a

      by jglenncrp ·

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      according to Sony-Ericsson, the z520a (and some other S-E handsets) can be used as a modem. Connect USB cable (from S-E via your provider) between computer and handset. BUT, incoming faxes will hurt your ear unless you can figure out a way for the computer to answer and alert you if the call is voice or fax tone. Couple a handset with international service and a notebook machine then find WiFi and you’re faxing from almost anywhere.

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