centralized domain disadvantages

By ryzasihiyon ·
Our Domain Controller is currently running here in the Philippines locally. Our Head Office is located in Japan.Our Mail Server also there in Japan where our Lotus is connected and running.What if Japan decided to have a centralized domain Controller based on their office?what would be the disadvantages, security holes?please help me on this.

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Depends on the business here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to centralized domain disadv ...

But the most obvious one is without a working Net Connection all work stops.

You do not directly control the data but this may not be important depending on the business.

If Satellite or Undersea Lines get damaged there is no International Net Connection and hence no work.

If either of these happen they are not repaired quickly.


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That would mean

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to centralized domain disadv ...

you would join their new 'central' domain and your current domain controller would be become a backup controller for it usually.
If you don't have a BDC locally no one can login if the link is down.
Security risk would depend on the nature of the link, low risk I would have thought, especially compared to a service interuption.

The rest of it is management, ae they going to discontinue your domain admin functions so you have to ring up japan to get things done, or are they going to give you access on the central server?

I'd suspect the former...
Centralistion is usually connected with a reduction in manning costs.

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