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CERT help!

By IhateID10T5 ·

I have no certs, 7 years experience as IT generalist and I enjoy sys administration and network engineering. What certs would you recommend me to go for? I am also finishing up a second bachelor's in computer information systems and I am debating between a Master's in Information Systems or a MBA with emphasis in Information Systems. Thoughts?

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by The Admiral In reply to CERT help!

From what I have seen in the IT industry in the last 3 years, I would not bother with certification. Some comanies have a plan where they have people sitting on their tush in Brazil staring at their network for less than minumum wage here. Where does the certification come in for any of that? No where. They have people in Brazil trained on the product. If the fix don't fix it - they turn around and send a drone (commonly a HS diploma or a sorta engineering degree (AAS in something)) out to pull the cable out and plug it back in or hit the reset button. No more - no less.

So certifications.... I think if you are going to be certified Financial Planner. Or do Business Management so you can lead the rest of the companies to outsource their CEO's.

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Don't bother

by bob_steel In reply to CERT help!

Complete waste of time... go for a business qualification.

If I want IS qualifications I look to India. You have just been under cut.

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In your position

by Tig2 In reply to CERT help!

I would look really hard at the MBA with emphasis. Unless you are determined to stay in a hands on role, shifting to a business focus is your best direction.

The real key factor to consider is what you will be happiest doing. As the prior posters point out, a lot of jobs are heading to India. You probably don't want to find yourself working for an Indian company in the US as a contractor and there is not yet an appetite to in-source activity again.

The business credential will position you well from teh business side, your understanding of technology will help you to work with technology providers. The ability to speak to both sides of the house is helpful in getting initiatives approved.

Good Luck!

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by prakhyath In reply to CERT help!

U can go for either MCSA or CCNA certificates.

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by prakhyath In reply to CERT help!


U can go for either MCSA or CCNA cerifications...

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