Certain mail clients not receiving email using SBS2003 and Exchange 2003

By ebroughton ·
Yes, I'd like to see if anybody could enlighten me on some email problems I have been having at work...

Our email has really been acting funny lately. We are running SBS2003 and Exchange Server 2003 as well. We use POP3 Connectors to route our emails to specific mailboxes. At one point, every morning I would walk in and all incoming email was not available. After I would reboot our domain controller (which had our email system on it as well) everything would sync up normally and everything would be fine.

But the next morning I would come in, the same story would be going on. I figured out the issue I think for that, we had a whole bunch of people with enormous amounts of data in their mailboxes. So after having them archive or clean out their outlooks, the issue seemed to be resolved.

Until I walked in this morning, and realized that I didn't have incoming email from the outside, but everybody else did! And I'm the IT guy! Now, there may be one or two more clients who cannot receive outside email as well, but I haven't heard anything.

My question is, what is causing me not to be able to receive emails from the outside? Internal, and outgoing is no problem all around the building. Reviewing event logs on our server, all I could notice was POP3 Connector errors that after doing research, is a normal state for POP3. Could somebody please help?

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