Certain users can't connect to OWA while others yes

By moms1020 ·
I have searched and searched and cannot find an answer to my problem. We have Exchange 2003 with front-end and two back-end servers. The users of one of back-end server can connect to owa while the other users who theirs database are stored on the other server back-end can not logon... they receive the "Make sure your domainuser name and password are correct, and then try again" error. I did try going to the AD account, security tab, advance, check the "inherit" checkbox after reading a thread from someone else with a very similar problem. This did not help, even after giving it time to replicate.

i've just implementing owa... so it's never work for my users who have their DB on my seconde back-end server... :-(...

i compare the iis settings between the two server and they've the same settings...
i restart the attendant service....
i run Exbpa there just a problem with connectivity because my front-end server is on DMZ and i open just necessary ports....

One thing more in my back-end server i've a success audit event 540 for my user who can not log her webmail.....

If anyone out there can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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Things to check.

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Certain users can't conne ...

Make sure IIS and WWW is installed and enabled on all your Exchange servers. Even though you have a FE server, it will auto-redirect to IIS on the backend server where the mailbox is stored.

Double check IIS permissions on the OWA servers. Are you using Forms Based authentication or normal IIS authentication?

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Microsoft Technet has how to articles for

by CG IT In reply to Certain users can't conne ...

OWA on front-end and back-end Exchange configurations.

If some users can access OWA while others can not, I assume that means their credentials don't work. Check their AD user account properties and on the Exchange tabs their rights.

If some users can access OWA then there is nothing wrong with OWA or the URLs hense IIS

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Could be way off but...

Double check how they are entering their username in the prompt. If they just enter their username, it will try to find the user as a local user on the Exchange server instead of looking for them as a domain user. If they are a domain user, they would want to use the form domain\username.

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