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Why is it advisable to have a stand-alone computer for a RA?
What steps are involved in obtaining a fdigital certificate from a commercial certification Authority?
Under what circumstances may an organisation decide to have ts own certification authority rather than purchasing certificates from a commercial CA and what are the implications?
What is the objective of having a certificate store?
Using Certificate snap-in, display the certificate store on your computer discuss the nature of different certificate stored in it.
Briefly describe TWO commom applications used in download of contents on the web the use digital certificates.

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by CG IT In reply to Certificates

smells like test questions to me.

why is it advisable to have a stand alone comp for the root authority? because it's the basis of all subordinante certificates issued. So you create the root on one computer the store on another then take the root offline and lock it up somewhere.

What steps are involved in obtaining a commercial CA? just go to verisign and fill out their form.

Why have your own CA? because it's cheap compared to 3rd party.

Objective of having a CA store? see #1

the last two you do yourself.

better yet Vistim Microsoft help and support and read the KB on CAs.

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