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    Certification Crossroads


    by tantor ·

    Here’s my story. Way back when, I got my CCNA. The company I was at moved me into the Server side of life and I let my CCNA Expire. I have since left the company and am in a new position that is more networking again (three main sites – 30 global offices. About 125 network devices, all Cisco). This company wants me to continue with the security path I have been on.

    I have already gotten GSEC and my MCSE electives were in Security (from the last job). The company wants me to look at CCSP (Cisco Security), but I am interested in continuing the GIAC track.

    The issue is that to go for CCSP, I have to re-take CCNA (step back to go forward), while the GIAC track I can just slide right into. I am thinking of GIAC Firewall/VPN/Perimeter or Intrusion Analyst.

    Any thoughts from anyone on which direction you would take if you were in my shoes?

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      Do the CCNA and CCSP

      by seanc ·

      In reply to Certification Crossroads

      Hi Tantor,

      You do have a decision to make. The answer to your question lies with what allows you to carry out your duties in your new position the best. From what you have mentioned, this is the Cisco route because you have alot of Cisco devices. The good new is that along with getting the CCSP, you also meet the Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professional certification requirements.

      I hope this helps.


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