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Certification & Employment Catch-22

By wceiii ·
As a recently-unemployed IT professional, I decided (discovered) that I need some skill-set updating. I'm currently going through a series of courses leading to (hopefully) an MCDBA certification. My quandary is that to gain enough knowledge to pass the cert. tests I've seen it recommended that one spend a year or more actually working with the products (Win2K and SQL Servers) before even attempting the tests. But, in order to meet many employers' qualifications a certification is required.So, what's the best alternative method to studying for these exams when one is unemployed and has no practical method of contact with the products under study?

Thanks in advance for your assistance and advice.

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Become self-employed...

by dinotech In reply to Certification & Employmen ...

...and start making your rounds to the trade shows, stating your interest in SQL servers and DBA. It will be amazing how quickly your name gets put into the hat for free stuff. Start making contacts and keep learning!.

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Ctch -22

by frank In reply to Certification & Employmen ...

There are several ways you can get practical experience. Which in my opinion is better than the Certification. I will not hire a Certified person who does not have experience. I would rather hire an experienced person without the Certification.
Anyway here is how - Volunteer to set up systems at not for profit organizations, Churches, libraries, etc. Enroll for a computer Class at the local community college, and find your way into the lab.
Set yourself up as an independent affordable consultant, and set up systems that you can play with.

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Then there's the economy

by T Bowman In reply to Ctch -22

I'm experienced AND certified and there just aren't any jobs in our area. My wife has a good job - so we can't really afford to look elsewhere.
Talk about Catch-22's! Contacts? I have contacts. I know of at least three very good jobs that are just going unfilled due to lack of funds... ARGGGG!!!!

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