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    Certification on college r?sum?s


    by seriv ·

    how does certification look on college r?sum?s?

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      it’s a good combination

      by joshua1 ·

      In reply to Certification on college r?sum?s

      It looks good. To me, a degree would indicate long term success, while technical certs can signal short term success. The combination of both (especially if it’s an IT degree) would show conceptual, theoretical skills from college as well as technical, hands-on aptitude from certs.

      …assuming your certs are relevant to the position you’re applying for.

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      Value of Certification

      by robtech33 ·

      In reply to Certification on college r?sum?s

      My name is Robert and I have degrees in Education and English and Spanish. But starting out in 1995 when Windows95 came out there began a revolution. I would have definitely attained A+ certification as soon as it came out if I knew really what itwas about and would have included it in college. That is precisely what ALL grads should do with Windows2000 MCSE. That is because it is a expected thing in this day and age. I have the equililant of A+ and I didnt realize until last month that it was that comprehensive as far a hardware and networks go. So tech minded college grads should get it there while it is easy and they can include it with the cost of college. I still dont have any certification (learned it on the job and at my home pc business) and I am now a network administrater that is learning C++ and I will learn the next hot software as soon as it comes out too. So definitely get it in college probably as a minor if you have chosen a major. All businesses want this these days. Good luck with your career.

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      Proven Skills

      by ghstinshll ·

      In reply to Certification on college r?sum?s

      With an IT degree AND certifications relevant to what you want to get into, you’re able to prove to a hiring manager that you’re more than just a college grad. The only problem is that it is harder to graduate in time when devoting time to certifications as well. Start with A+ early on, then Net+, and then which ever you deem necessary towards where you want to to… MCSE, MCSD, CCNA, Oracle, CIW?

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