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Certification or MBA?

By Spider Mike ·
My question is whether certification or an MBA (or any Master's Degree) will be more beneficial in the future. With the slowdown within the tech industry would a Master's degree be more appealing 2-5-10 years down the line? Or would the "dependable" certification route be more attractive once the industry slump has passed?

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Master's Is the way to go IMHO

by Terry May In reply to Certification or MBA?

I was awarded a MS in Computer Information Systems in Dec 2000. Even before I was finished, it resulted in a job offer and upgrade of status as well as pay. I've bet my career on the MS rather than the MSCE and (of course) I believe it was the proper choice. It has far more value in the 5 - 10 year time frame than certifications. Your degree will carry you for a career. Product certifications only last the liftime of the product - short term indeed.

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Master's in CIS or MBA? - last question

by Spider Mike In reply to Master's Is the way to go ...

OK, it looks as though the consensus is to go for the Master's degree path. If I could then throw one more fork in the road and then leave everyone alone. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Finance, but I've been working in the Tech industry since graduation. I've finished the MCSE certification program and in a few weeks I am going to take the first Cisco cert. exam. I know that an MBA would open up a broader range of opportunities, but if the tech industry is where I am and where I may stay, then wouldn't you think a Computer Science Master's be more beneficial? I'm not a natural-born techie...would this then make the MBA the more safer choice for me?

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CIS or MBA - any replies??

by Anwaar In reply to Master's in CIS or MBA? - ...

Great question Mike. Let me know if you get any further answers on this one - it is a quandry of mine at the moment as well.

For me this point I would lean toward the MBA since I already have computer/job experience in MIS. Skills I don't have and would like is handling of office politics and an understanding of company management. Those are items I think you find better underscored in an MBA program.

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Seminars & Politics

by generalist In reply to CIS or MBA - any replies? ...

You could always attend some of the teaching seminars various organizations offer.

For example, I have a flyer for one called "The Politics of IT Project Management" by a group called Ouellette & Associates. The title and the syllabus looks likeit would be quite useful as an option to the MBA.

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Apples and Oranges

by xxx123 In reply to Certification or MBA?

I spend some time each week in these forums and I would say the certification route is anything BUT dependable. No cert seems to hold up more than 2-3 years without a retesting requirement. Lots of people get certified and can't find jobs. Yes, I know there's reasons for that but my point is a cert is by no means guarantee of job security.

My first bachelor's degree is 20 years old but prospective employers still want to see proof I have it. What does that say?

Finally, a cert covers the very narrow confines of some particular software or hardware tools, it has nowhere near the breadth of a college degree. All employers know this and thus if they accept certs at all, it's for the purpose for which they were intended - - specificpractical knowledge of a narrow topic. Think about what type of training you really want and you can see one of these is a quickly-achieved, short-term benefit while the other requires sustained effort for a year or two and will benefit you for a decade or more. You really have to think about where you're trying to go before you can figure out how to prepare to get there.

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Long term vs short term

by generalist In reply to Certification or MBA?

I'd say that a Masters in the proper area would give you long term flexibility and a career path with a lot more branches in it. You put more into it and you get more out of it, especially in large companies.

At the same time, if you have a few certifications you have better odds of getting a job in some markets. The jobs won't have the long term flexibility but they will help keep food on the table, especially if you have some experience backing it up.

If you already know the topics and can get the certifications you want without taking any classes, you might consider doing both. There are a fair number of resources out there that can help you get certified without spending a lot on formal training. But you need to be disciplined enough to go through them page by page on your own. And it helps to use multiple resources so you get a better balance. (It also helps to be self-assured enough to risk flubbing the test. If you aren't, you may end up taking classes.)

The path(s) you take will depend upon a lot of things. But that is my take on the topic.

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Master degree will be more beneficial

by liveinurheart In reply to Certification or MBA?

With the slowdown of IT industry. Certification is just like to update yourself. But in long run master degree will be definite plus.

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Certification then Masters

by BloomU In reply to Master degree will be mor ...

I will be graduating next year from college with a degree in MIS, and my future employer has already agreed to pay for my Oracle DBA. I hope upon completion of that certification and a year or two under my belt.... to go for the MBA.

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