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    Certification or MBA?


    by kaptandrews ·

    I have a BS in Info Sys Mgt. I have also recently switched career paths in order to gain experience (which is the second part of my question).

    1) Should I be seeking certifications or go back to school for an MBA? Which has more creditability in the real world of IT? Which certifications or languages are needed the most?

    2) I am currently an Analyst doing grunt work. Realizing I have to do my time I took a demotion from being a sales supervisor to get my feet wet in the IT field. How much experience are you hiring managers looking for?

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      Pros and Cons

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to Certification or MBA?

      If you are interested in doing the hard core coding/development/architecture or want to be hands on in administration, networking, IT Security (Cisco) then your certification path is better. On the other hand, if your goal is project management or interface from Business to IT, go the MBA route.

      The highly technical areas will want to see expereince and certs- Cisco especially if your passion is security, The business will want to see the MBA and a PMP (if a project manager).

      In order to answer the question and give you rationale, I would want to know what IT area you are interested in, if your goal is mid or senior management, possibly what line of business, and what you are passionate about in the field.

      Good Luck!

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