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Certifications and the strength to do them

By polino247 ·
Greetings everyone!

i just finished my Masters degree with distinction and certifications has been in my head way before i started my undergraduate course. i did CCNA in 2005 but never used it in real life and didn't bother to renew. now i'm planning to do MCSA 2008 but i just couldn't get the energy to do anything, i'm doing IT support job but when i get home, i feel drained. so i'm looking for some motivations if some of you have been in my situation and managed to make it... put the time and effort in, if u had visions or ... any thing that drove you it might give me a direction or jump start to get to do things

many thanks in advance

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Goto a BMW dealer, sit in the seat and smell the leather

by robo_dev In reply to Certifications and the st ...

Also maybe sit in a taxicab, bus, or train and also take a deep breath.

The certifications might, if you do good work and are fortunate enough to find a good job in the field, give you the smell of leather versus other smells not quite so pleasant :)

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Art of Living

by Simply_Michael In reply to Certifications and the st ...

Try Meditation or Yoga, It will give you positive energy and help you to make your life oriented visions.

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