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certifications needed for server admin.(windows + linux)

By ITNewbieToronto ·
right now im working on getting my A+ cert. and i wondering what would be a good next step to becomming a server admin for example working for a web hosting company

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by Jaqui In reply to certifications needed for ...

best is computer sciences degree from university.
about the only non university cert for linux is RHNE & RHSE.
RH = Red Hat

server admin for linux becomes extremely simple, with a few scripts and cron jobs.
but try explaining that to someone who only knows microsucks products

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Good luck

by mlkiely In reply to certifications needed for ...

The market is saturated with wannabe engineers and programmers. If you are looking at a career then get to a technical college and get some proper training. If not then start hacking around and get over to your Local ISP and bluff your way into the job.Outside of all the above set up your own service company and freelance to SOHO type businesses.

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by ITNewbieToronto In reply to Good luck

to tell you the truth i want to start my own web hosting company with server/pc repair services kinda like your computer corner store

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by Jaqui In reply to

the cost of setting up the server farm is quite high.
both for hardware and data transfer capacity.
and that's using someone elses data centre to hold your systems in.
to do it yourself is far more.

it's also a cut-throat business.
look at standard rates online, from 7.99 usd a year.
( )

figure out what you will need to run for at least 2 years, and where you will get that money from.
( not from business itself, you need 2 years of expenses in bank before opening doors )

write out a business plan, with budgets, then go for it.

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