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Certifications: OnLine, CD or Instructor

By mponder ·
Trying to decide the best route to go for Certification in MSCE & Cisco. Is there advantages to doing it either way between On-Line, CD or Instructor/Class Lead Training? If so, which is the best way and why? Also, what are the better vendors to use?

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Good ???

by serpent In reply to Certifications: OnLine, C ...

I'm pondering the same question. I should soon start 'school' at NEW HORIZONS COMP. LEARNING CENTER taking a package deal(A+,Network+,i-net+,Netware,NCE,etc.,can't think of all right now). I'm eager to learn but haven't been in school for 23 yrs!(Scary!) To prepare myself, I've started taking free online coarses, or 'parts' of courses,(HTML & A+)I'm going the Inst/Class route because I'll get all options, to some extent, and it will introduce me to several local gurus to get advice and clarity from. I don't think there is a big difference in cost. In my case, thank god, the state will be footing the bill(an accident). I would guess that the answer depends on several things, such as the type of student you are(study habits, attention span, etc.), time available, $$$, location, etc. What is worrying me is the fact that most classes are 2-5 days long,...what is the process? Maybe highlight a book and cd for each class each week, then have a few months in a 'lab' with a teacher available for questions? And chapter/course tests as you feel ready for them?
I suppose we could go to Books a Million, get a $35 book(with a cd), study long and hard, come to the TechRepublic experts for added info along the way, and take a test when ready! (Doesn't sound bad, and certainly a cheap, though not 'thorough'...and 'acceptable' education :&gt
I will check back for other responses. Good Luck!

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Good answer!!!

by sra0101 In reply to Good ???

Congrats on your decision to enter the tech field! Now comes the fun part, deciding which type of training method to try out.

You must answer the question, "What type of student are you and what works best for you?"

Web based/CBT's work well for individuals refining their tech skills. Some individuals that are able to grasp concepts without some hand holding may also benefit for Web based / CBT's.

Instructor led programs will cost more but they usually provid hands-on labs/drills and support from Instructors and students.
Spec out the top schools and meet with their
Instructors. Most schools will let you audit a session. Experienced instructors are far and few between so be careful.

Also watch out for training programs that promise to much in a short period of time.
ie: Get your CCIE in 6 months!!!!

My advise: Buy two used PC's (One to build a multiboot server and one to build a multiboot client.) Purchase a few top notch books and go for it!!!!

Good luck

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Big difference in cost

by mponder In reply to Good ???

The is always a difference in costs. If it is class room taught, the there is increased overhead for the instructor. CD based allows mass production output of studies and training once it's mastered by the originating company, and cheaper than above. But my all means the Web Based is by far the cheapest. Updates and changes can be made on the "fly" w/o having to reproduce the study material, etc. So by my research this is a difference is cost, but correct you don't have access to student and instructor questions and dialogue, not to mention actual hands on experience. By my main question would be, quality of Internet and CD training as opposed to classroom? Along w/ the time to do factor, I'm currently employed as Network Administrator, and work on the average of 55 hours to 65 hours a week leading to ABSOLUTELY NO TIME to attend class, see my kids and be home w/ my family!!!!!!!!!

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by toltec58 In reply to Certifications: OnLine, C ...

What you're comfort level is. I went the route serpent went. Took a 9-month tech school program. Got exposed to alot. 3 months Microsoft Office Applications, 3 months A+ prep, 3 months network admin. But then the government paid (displaced worker - meaning I gave 9 years to a company & got downsized) I'd say if you have the funds and the time, go to school. I graduated in May this year with A+ and diploma.

The job search is a whole different story ;-)

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by serpent In reply to Depends

How close was I in my 'description' of the classroom training?

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