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Certifications vs. Degree

By ahaimsky3 ·
Hi, I wanted to see what a few people's opinion is on this topic. Right now I'm comtemplating a big change in my life (actually, I'm in the midst of it already). I am determined to get my own consulting business going in the future, but before most would-be clients consider hiring me, I realize I need to get some credentials. I have been doing computer support for a while now and to be honest, most concepts come very easy to me, just by learning on my own. Being in a class setting actually tends to only slow me down and frustrate me. Anyway, I realize that potential clients won't buy that, and generally want to see that I got the proper education to show that I can do what I say I can. My dillema then, is what makes a consultant more marketable - having certifications or having a bachelor's degree. If anyone who has had experience with this can comment, I would really appreciate it. Has anyone gotten a bachelor's and found it to be useless without the certifications? How about vice versa? Also, how does this compare to being hired to work for a company as an IT support person? To be honest, getting a bachelor's degree is something I much rather skip, but if it's crucial, it is deffinetly still an option for me. Thanks A LOT for your feedback!!!

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MCSE bound!!!

by chinahope In reply to Certifications vs. Degree

Honestly, your cert makes you more marketable opposed to a degree. I just graduated from a network tech course without my certs. I found out that having your cert is a type of insurance to companies. Degrees are for doctors and lawyers. We are in the tech field which is like being from outer space. Nothing matters in the tech field but certs and experience. GPA's and academic achievements are for the common worker.

Good luck.

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Anyone Else?

by ahaimsky3 In reply to MCSE bound!!!

Thanks a lot for your response chinahope. I thought that more people might respond to this and so far, nobody else has. Anyone who has any opinion about this subject, please comment. I'd like to get opinions from some people who actually have a bachelor's degree as well as people who don't. I'm wondering if anyone has gotten one and then regreted it after realizing that certifications were the way to go. Thanks in advance for any comments.

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Certs vs Degrees

by loop1976 In reply to Anyone Else?

I've recently finished college ( college, here, means technical school as oposed to University in the States) and have a qualification in computer science. However, a year ago I realized that this qualification was not gonna do me any good out there as it barely had any practical value. I embarked on CCNA and A+ to "get my foot in the door". The experts out there advised me that relying on my certs alone would not do it. According to one (with about 30 certs to his name) most employers still regard a degree as more valuable than certification as it shows that the person in question has the motivation to see a project thru till the end - even if that takes them 3,4 or 5 years. Certs, as you know, can be obtained in a matter of months or even weeks and therefore "everybody's got them" (as if we haven't all heard that one before).

As far as I'm concerned, I'll continue on down the Cert-road coz I believe that will serve me best in the long run. Time and time again it has been proven that what you learn in college/Uni today is gonna be outdated next week.

I hope this makes sense.

Take care and Good Luck

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Certs + Experience

by tommy46 In reply to Certifications vs. Degree

Hi I'd recommend staying within the industry to gain continous work experience and take certificate courses on a partime basis.

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