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Certifications - which one? when?

By my3sons ·
I quit my job about one month ago to take care of a problem with my 17 year old son. As previous discussions have indicated on this site, "if you are not learning you are dying" - that was my last position. I have a variety of experience from NT, Novell, SQL server, AS/400, Lotus Notes, desktops, written some scripts, worked as a technical writer on web pages . . . When I was working with NT a lot, I attended all of the MCSE classes for NT 4, but did not take the tests due to the upgrade pass/fail issue and then I moved on to Lotus Notes and AS400s. How do you determine which certification to get? Or, should I wait for my next position and then determine which certification will be important? Should I be trying to get certified whileI am trying to get a job? Is it good to have a variety of skills like I presently have or to focus in one area?

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by xxx123 In reply to Certifications - which on ...

If you need to get back into the workforce quickly, you should be looking for a job very similar to the one you left. (Gives management that warm, comfy feeling when you've already done that type of work.) Then you can look around at what the employer is using/needs/ or considers valuable and choose your cert accordingly.

Certainly there's nothing wrong with picking up a couple books in whatever subjects interest you and working with a home computer lab, but I'm not a big fan of dumping large sums of money into certification efforts when so often there is very little career payback.

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