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By stankmaster ·
I am a student currently at ITT Tech and am trying to make the best of my education. I am currently working on getting certifications prior to me finishing school so maybe I can get any job out there. I'm currently working on my A+ Certification, any others you could think of that may suit me. I am a CNS student.
Thank you in advance!

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experience over certs

by degnan In reply to Certifications

I am in charge of hiring for my IT dept and I definately value experience over certifications. Starting out new in the field that makes it difficult, but my advice would be to intern/volunteer to get some real world experience under your belt. I think that would give you an advantage over someone who just had certifications.

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I'd second this advice

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to experience over certs

I'm in the process of bringing someone on board right now. In terms of what I looked at:

1). Experience (length, depth, & breadth)
2). College
3). Certs

(the mandate of college over certs is more of an organizational mandate than my personal choice---I'd go for best overall candidate first and foremost).

You'll have a degree, and you'll have at least one cert. Time to really focus in on the experience. Internships are great, if made available through ITT. Getting a job with the school is another good option.

In any event, get yourself the experience!

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