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Certified vs: Experience

By pdrich ·
There have been a lot of posts on this board relative to certification. MCSE, A+ etc. I cna't let this topic twitter away without adding my 2?.

I retired from IBM after 30 years experience. During those 30 years I attened many schools to receive training on many products and much theory about operating systems and infrastructure and network design. I was a successful and productive employee to IBM and I learned more than many have in those "Get Your Cert" classes.

My forte was, however, in diagnosing problems. I have been successful because of my troubleshooting skills. I have assisted trained technicians in diagnosing problems on machines on which I had no formal training. To the best of my knowledge, no testing for certifications can determine the ability of a person to fix a problem.

That said, there has to be some method for determining the ability of someone prior to observing their performance long term. The criteria being "Tested Knowledge" and experience. Certifications can be an indication of "book learned knowledge" and years in the field diagnosing and solving problems can show ability. The two criteria are distinct and separate. The wise hiring manager will take both into consideration.

After 30 years with IBM I was without any common certs ie: MCSE or A+ and yet I was able to find another job because of a smart intuitive manager. I suggest to te rest of you, however, take the time to get a certificate and whether you feel it means anything to you ornot, it means something to those that hire and to you, in the long run, it will mean more dollars and a more satisfying career.

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Good points

by nccorthu In reply to Certified vs: Experience

I'm in about the same boat. I've been at it 20+ years ( a second career). I've found that the certificates many have are worthless or close to it except to cover the tail of the HR group that hasn't a clue as to what's needed to be successful in IT.
Problem solving ability is the key. None of those courses teach that. I've hit a bunch over the years.
I've found that 35 Yrs of Law Problem solving is worth a ton more than the "cert courses".

The "Organon " of Aristotle has been more usefull.
Gary O

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MCNE for what ?

by Oz_Media In reply to Good points

I was working in the field long before I got a cert. I had my last employer pay for my CNE and MCNE training just to keep him happy. Really, I didn't learn much about logical problem solving just how things work. Similar to working on cars (my other career at one time) it is a hands on knowledge using logical problem solving that works. The certs just lok nice and give you an idea of what is supposed to happen when....
As for resolving the issue it is completely up to your logic skills to figure out if A doesn't tell B to do this, it is because C is already trying to do it and how then figuring out how to resolve it.
Just like fixing a car, except usually easier.

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Certified but Inesperienced

by mdutton In reply to Certified vs: Experience

I agree with the posting by pdrich. In my present position I was encouraged to get certified by my employer. They were going in a new direction and thought certification would help them land new customers. As with most of their plans, this one failed to materialize because the principals failed to move forward with their plans.

My certification is moving forward and I am doing it for myself. By the end of the summer I hope to move out on my own. Seeing that I am the one paying the bills, I'll decide where to put my certification to use!

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