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CFL lightbulbs and ink

By slygirl ·
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Does anyone know if cfl bulbs used in lighting fixtures and lamps in a home office have any effect on the efficacy and longevity of printer ink and toner? Many thanks.

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I see no reason to expect fluorescent bulb of any shape would affect ink

by DelbertPGH In reply to CFL lightbulbs and ink

CFLs are just fluorescent bulbs, twisted into a compact shape. They work by the same principle: an ionized gas shoots ultraviolet rays into phosphors coating the inside of the glass tube, which re-emit the energy as visible light. I haven't seen my paper around the office growing faint, and some of this stuff has been hanging on my cube under fluorescent light for 10 years.

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You've got the original files, don't you?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to CFL lightbulbs and ink

You've still got the original electronic files you created and saved from before you printed them, right? If so, then the life of the printed document isn't an issue; you can always reprint it.

You're backing those files up or storing them off site / in the 'cloud', right? You're much more likely to have a local hard drive problem than one with florescent lights damaging ink.

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UV Emissions

by TheChas In reply to CFL lightbulbs and ink

Like all florescent bulbs, CFL bulbs will emit more light in the UV portion of the spectrum than incandescent or LED bulbs will.

The UV portion of direct sunlight it was causes most color fade to printing exposed to outdoor light.

If you are concerned about printed items you are displaying, most frame supply stores sell glass with a coating to block UV rays.

Of course, the amount of fade varies by the dyes used and the type of paper.

If you plan to display items for long periods of time, you want to use all archival grade acid-free materials for the paper, matting, backing, frame and mounting.


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