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Challenge: Remotely reboot devices over the Internet for less than $50

By robo_dev ·
How to be able to reboot multiple devices on the home LAN over the Web?

I am installing a PC-based video surveillance system for a friend, and want to be able to reboot and/or power cycle the DVR, and the camera power supply remotely over the Internet.

I want the security DVR to sit in the dark and nasty basement, and the owner to never need to go downstairs to reboot or reset it, ever. Plus I don't want to have to drive there to reset something.

My research so far:

Option 1: DLI Web Power Switch $109
A bit pricey, but lots of features such as reboot on loss of ping, web server, etc.

Option 2: Teracom ethernet controller: $90
VERY cool low-cost embedded ethernet control/monitoring server on a tiny single-board-computer. May need external relay or two. Also has temperature sensors, can send snmp or email alerts, etc. Small Bulgarian company makes these.

"Teracom TCW 110 is a multifunctional device for remote monitoring and management. It is an Ethernet based controller, which is designed to work in IP-based networks and managed by WEB interface or SNMP programs. This device can be used as standalone or as a part of control and monitoring systems."

Option 3: X10 Solution: $36...yes $36!
This DOES require a second computer, apart from the security DVR PC.

The starter kit is on eBay for $18.
Individual X10 appliance modules are $9 each.

So to build a two-outlet X-10 based remote-power switch will cost $36.

"X10 Home Automation Computer Controlled Starter Kit". Includes Software, USB X10 controller, X10 transmitter.

It's Windows-based software with a Web interface,a CM-19A X10 wireless-USB interface, and one X-10 transmitter.

Alternately, the X-10 CM15A combines the USB and transmitter part into one unit and allows stored timer programs, but it costs more.

This PC will be able to power-cycle as many x-10 appliance modules as I need to, starting with one for the security DVR, and a second one for the camera power supply. Of course with X-10, I could add motion sensors, or even x-10 security cameras, though I prefer standard analog cameras.

So my plan is to setup a PC with Ultra VNC, my DynDNS responder software, and the X10-USB gizmo on an old PC next to the DVR.

I use the Mocha VNC client on the iphone and use the VNC web-client from the office. VNC server software works fine on the security DVR.

I use an alternate (random) port number for each device, thus allowing remote control viewing of CCTV video as well as remote management of the PC devices from anywhere.

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Teracom info

by smanev In reply to Challenge: Remotely reboo ...

Dear robo_dev,
at the moment we offer 2 ethernet controllers - TCW110 ( TCW120 ( The prices for this both devices - 63,60 and 69,80 USD with shipping included!
We offer also free small programs to control and monitor easily your devices. If you are interested - here are our contacts : .
Svilen Manev

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