Challenges faced during Digital Transformation

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A lot of hardware devices are being replaced by IoT devices for monitoring data especially in health industry. What do you all think are the challenges faced during this transformation?

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Digital Transformation

by katymick In reply to Challenges faced during D ...

The use of numerous digital tactics and strategies to reach and help customers online.
Few of the digital tactics involves in the digital transformation are listed below-
Content marketing
Email marketing
Social media marketing
Affiliate marketing
INbound and outbound marketing
Video marketing
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Here are the few challenges faced during Digital Transformation.

by machardinc In reply to Challenges faced during D ...

1. Choosing a Right Digital Transformation Partner.
2. Handling Employee Pushback During Digital Transformation. ( )
3. Budget Constraints
4. Changing Customer Experience
5. Failing or Poor Analytics
6. Inflexible technology stack
7. Security
8. Lack of organizational support
9. Lack of available or appropriately-skilled personnel

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Challenges faced during digital transformation

by deborasumopayroll In reply to Challenges faced during D ...

Ninety percent of our respondents shared that they are still going through a digital transformation and have more work to do. The level of digitization varied greatly among these manufacturing companies.
As expected, all participants reported that their companies faced challenges. But perhaps what was most surprising was how similar the types of challenges were, no matter the company size. Our participants came from companies ranging from less than 100 employees to more than 5,000. The top five challenges they listed were:
Employee Pushback
Lack of Expertise to Lead Digitization Initiatives
Organizational Structure
Lack of Overall Digitization Strategy
Limited Budget
Our findings concluded that the challenges were very seldom about the availability of technology. Only a small number reported that current tools and technology were inadequate. The most common issues faced were due to internal factors.

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