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By salman1karim ·
Dear All,

My company name is going to change from to and company told me also they want to change domain controller and as email. we have 15 diffent server including exchange, domain and additional, file server and 4 sql servers. please tell me the easy way to done my job. thanks in advance

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This is a huge undertaking

by NormH3 In reply to Change Domain Name

This is nearly impossible to do without rebuilding your servers with the new domain name.

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Don't do it!!

by bart777 In reply to Change Domain Name

It IS possible but I agree with Norm. the process is difficult and 1 false move and the domain is toast.
Here is a link on how to do it.

Please not that this is for a Windows 2003 domain. If you have any 2000 acting as domain controllers you will not be able to do it without rebuild the entire domain.

As far as getting mail to appear as it's coming from the correct domain, that's easier. Just add that domain name to the exchange server and make it the default domain.

Since you have so many servers, including SQL servers I would do everything I could to not have to rename the entire domain. Try to make the powers that be understand that if the rename goes wrong they run the risk of losing access to all of these servers for however long it takes you to correct it. From personal experience I can tell you that at the best you'll be working for at least 60 hours straight and will be on the phone with Microsoft for many of those hours as the servers misbehave.

Good luck

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When I have had to do this

by Kenone In reply to Change Domain Name

I built a new domain with a trust relationship with the old domain. Started with one DC and added slowly. At first only IT folks were using it, when we thought it was working ok we added other users slowly. When the old domain seemed idle we would turn off servers (not DC's) and see what happened. If no squawking resulted after a week or two we'd move on to the next server.

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