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    Change file system on WINXP


    by chechelo100 ·

    I just upgraded one a laptop on my network to winXP Pro. I have FAT32, basic but I want to change it to NTFS.
    This computer has a 24mb partition which i did not created, but I don’t know if it was there before the upgrade or if it was created by win XP.
    The problem is that I try to convert it to dynamic and NTFs but I got the message the was not enough space available in one partition to perform the convertion.

    What can I do.

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      Change file system on WINXP

      by budgiesoft ·

      In reply to Change file system on WINXP

      Use Partition Magic from PowerQuest. It will allow you to resize other partitions slightly so you can change this one to NTFS.

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