Change from using roaming profiles to using local profiles

By cwill ·
I searched through the forums but could not find anything specific to my situation. Apologies if this was already covered.

I am a newbie to active directory (coming from a NetWare background). I work in a public library and we have 63 domain users on our network (Windows Server 2003). Right now all of our domain users are setup to use roaming profiles (nightmare). This makes sense for our public access computers in the building but I do not see the benefit for our staff users. All of our staff computers are different and have different software installed. Staff experiences a long login wait plus every now and then complications arise with their profiles (corruption, etc). They do not save their documents in My Documents but rather to their home drive or on a share. So, aside from being able to see their desktop wallpaper on each computer they login to I think it would make more sense to have all staff login to staff computers using local profiles. I figured out how to change each computer so it will only use local profiles but what I want is standardized local profiles on each computer so if Jane Smith (jsmith) logs in I do not want a local profile created called jsmith but rather an existing profile called something like staff which each login user will use. When each staff user logs in I need them to map to their home drive and the local share which can be done via login scripts (right?).

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Plus, if I am really on the wrong track with this I welcome comments and/or suggestions.

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