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Change group domain users

By b.sagaert ·
I have a network that started with 10 PC's but has is now about 40 PC's, mainly W2K and WXP. In the beginning, I saw no issues in giving the domain users local admin rights, but I want to change this to power user rights. Is there a method for doing so for a range of PC's in one time remotely, or is there no other way than running around in order to change this?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Change group domain users

How exactly did you assign the rights? By placing the domain users group in every PC's local admins group?

Or did you assign the rights in the local security policy?

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by b.sagaert In reply to Change group domain users

This is done by putting the domain users in the local admin group. Can it be done differently?

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by trockii In reply to Change group domain users

You should be able to create a custom group, add all the users, then assign just power user rights to that group.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Change group domain users

we need more don't we? domain? AD? have you played around with remote administration. think bfilm wants us to get with the program and use policies and ad so we can stay in chair and eat popcorn and play on tech republic. about time they got you some training or at least some books of your choice, i say. ms is running a special on technet subscription and i think if we know what's good for us we will get us a sub.maybe you can get one for christmas lots of samples, policy templates and stuff hours. of you have couple computers for a 'lab'. cheat way is to put global domain group (build int one is called Domain Users. bet bfilm could tell us why not to use that one) into local power users group. at each machine. by running around. you could probably monitor the registry changes and try to do it batchfully that way but whew. but real net admins don't cheat so hope bfilm will take all my points soon and help us set up my 2003 ad with policies and stuff. i will post my questions soon....

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by CG IT In reply to Change group domain users

well you could try remote connect to another computer under computer management,, then go into users and groups and change the accounts that way.....but... I gotta ask, I really do...why did put domain user accounts in the local machine admin account?

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