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Change IE Security settings in @003 SBS

By teke ·
I need to change the security settings in 2003 SBAS so I can allow a Java Applet to run for a finance program. Ive looked in the GPO, but therte is nothingto do with IE settings. Changing it in IE doesn't work.

Where do I find the IE security settings in 2003 SBS?

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by adamtechpro In reply to Change IE Security settin ...

If you are changing your local IE settings and are not able to access the java applet on that machine then changing your IE settings in the GPO won't make much of a difference because your essentially doing the same thing just domain wide. You should try adding the site to a trusted site in the IE settings and bring the trusted site security settings down, if this site is not your coporate intranet and see if that works. If it is your corporate intranet then edit your local internet settings in the IE secuirty tab.
However if you would like to edit the IE security settings via GPO this is how you can do it.
I have had to configure IE stuff numerous times in GPO to allow for certain things along the same lines of your java applet. This procedure i will show you is on windows 2000 and 2003, i am sure the sbs is along the same lines.
To get to the IE settings open your GPO and navigate to:
User config,windows settings,internet explorer maintenence,security. Within that window double click security zones and content rating. then check off import settings and you can then click the modify tab. If this is your intranet then select intranet to edit those settings, if it is not a local site then goto internet zone. From there you should be allowed to change the java settings for your domain, given that you have applied your GPO to the OU containing all your users, or you could apply this to the default domain GPO. Now in addition to this, you may want to add the site your viewing to the trusted sites list as i said before, this will allow lowered security for the website allowing most java applets to run.

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by CG IT In reply to Change IE Security settin ...

before you change anything on the SBS server, the question is why you are going out on the internet using the SBS server?

you shouldn't use the server as a workstation to run a finance program. If your using the server for a terminal server to provide users the finance program, it is not best practice or recommended that you run terminal services on the SBS server.

Even so, if you do install the program on the SBS server as a terminal services application, the application itself runs as a services [or should be installed as a service therefore has no need for web access including updates because best security practice is to not access the internet with the server.

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by andy In reply to Change IE Security settin ...

Go to Control Panel | Add Remove Programs | Windows components | Internet explorer enhanced security configuration | details | and clear the check box from "for all other user groups. If need be also clear the Administrators check box. Beware that this greatly relaxes the security of an application that is already a major security risk. Plus using the SBS server as a workstation is not a recommended pratice.

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