Change in logon after change in network setup

By Svetlana66 ·
After I've got my old company computer for my private use, I've changed a setup under My Computer from Being a part of network to Using computer privately and now I can not log on! Before I had my username and my password and a domain name and everything functioned well. Now after I have changed from Networking to Private use there is no Domain in the Logon window and my old password that was created for the old company network is not accepted any longer. What shall I do?! Where shall I get a new username and password? Or can I get the old settings back in some way? I've tried this one with F8 - didn't help. I've tried with F12 - didn't help either. Must say I'm an amateur - don't even know what "booting" means (((

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what happened....

by ---TK--- In reply to Change in logon after cha ...

Was you took a PC off a domain and turned in to a WORKGROUP, when this event happened, the domain user cache is gone... Meaning you can not use a domain log in name to log on, you will have to use a local username + password.

Do you still work for the company? If so I would go to the IT staff and ask them to reset the local password, they should be able to do this very easily.

If they cannot, I would take the PC + proof of ownership of the PC to a local repair shop and ask them to reset the local password.

added: WORKGROUP is not yelling, it is the default name... lol, did want to give the wrong impression.

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reseting the computer

by Svetlana66 In reply to what happened....

The company went bankrupt and there is no IT department any longer.
I have tried with all recommended passwords as admin, Administrator, blank etc, my old usernames and passwords. Nothing helped. I tried also to logon with F8 and change the passords in F12, but it didn't help either. I've downloaded OPHCrack that should help with unlocking, but I can't find out how to boot the CD on this locked computer (
If I get my computer reset will I loose all the data on it?? Do I have a chance to do it myself or is it better to ask a specialist?

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Try this...

by ccolding In reply to Change in logon after cha ...

TK is right. Once you remove the computer from the domain you have to logon locally instead of logging onto the network. You can try using Administrator for the username and leaving the password blank, as this is the default logon. If not, have your IT department help you out.

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