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Change in "to" not shown in contacts

By jennyn ·
Using Exchange 5 on NT4 SBS with Outlook 2000 clients.

Users have contacts in their Mailbox Contacts folder and When they click "To" in a new message, they select "Contacts" as the source of the address list.

They are in the habit of editing/updating email addresses here in the "To" lookup list - but it turns out these changes are not being refelected in the "Contacts" folder which has become out of date.

I need to get access to the up-to-date addresses = to copy, print or export them... where are the up to date contacts being saved?


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by shamone In reply to Change in "to" not shown ...

I dont really understand the question here.Are the users updating personal contact lists?
Is the problem on the Exchange server or on the client machine?
Which up to date addresses are you looking for?
If you mean the addresses on the Global address list its in your exchange server in the Recipients container.
Can you expand a bit more please?

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by jennyn In reply to Change in "to" not shown ...

Sorry for the delay... I put this to the side for the rest of the installation which is now done. The (two) users affected did manual updates on their contacts/distrib lists; so although the crisis is over, I'd still like to get to the bottom of the problem which was so strange. I have a bit more insight now than I did also. So to clarify:

Exchange 5.5/Outlook 97.

Users were not very knowledgable on Outlook, and did all their email contact management in the "To:" dialogue box, never looking at the "Contacts" folder. In "To:" they did the following tasks:
1. Edit email addresses (this worked fine, and changes were reflected in their Contacts folder in their Exchange mailbox)

2. "Delete" contacts... they were actually blanking out the Email Address field, so old contacts did actually remain in the Contacts folder, but didn't show up under the "To:" list since they didn't have email addresses

3. ... and this is the really strange one...
they could go into a distribution list, change the email of a person in the distrib. list, and this would NOT be reflected in the Distribution list in the Contacts folder or in the individual contact name held in the Contacts Folder. So when I copied all the records from the contacts folder in their Exchange Mailbox to park it temporarily in a PST file, the users complained that the distribution lists were all out of date.

(actually the users complained that everything was out of date, due to the extra confusion of seeing all the people they thought were "deleted", "reappearing" in the contacts folder).

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by jennyn In reply to Change in "to" not shown ...

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